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  1. My car needs wash. But you must do it in a jock

  2. I wanna bully you and treat you like a need then have you turn the tables on me and teach me the lesson I deserve.

  3. What if they enter the room and see you hard like that? Very curious about it

  4. They would be awkward haha. I’ve popped boners during laser before though.

  5. Based on the photo and the amount of finger inserted, your close and 30 could be the magic number. Wearing a couple of 30’s as everyday I can just get my finger tip in . About half of what’s in your photo and you already look tight, perhaps making the 28 too small until you stretch it out

  6. I think your setup needs to be a little morr spacious. It looks kinda cramped 🤔 Personally dont mind it, though 😜

  7. Hey man, I had this issue when I first started I was very frustrated trying to find the correct size as well as not going too small to hurt the boys (want kids with the Mrs. at some point)

  8. Yea try a 32. You can stack the lager ID on top

  9. My sac was way worse then that day 1. Check my latest post. Only been doing it on and off for maybe 7 months. It'll cum with time I promise

  10. Okay so I did the Pixel Refresh and it seems okay now! I will update if it comes back :)

  11. It will come back, return it if you can.

  12. Yeah definitely can arrange a return. Don’t wanna be without a monitor though. I’ll try speak to Dell on Monday. Thank you.

  13. I’m hoping that’s what everyone who sees it in the locker room things 😍

  14. Looking so toned and relaxed after your workout, so, so beautiful 💯😘 And yeah, you do look a little bit tired, get home and chill a while. But something doesn't look too tired though, he looks very much awake..... 😯😛😏

  15. I showered with the door open and walked over to my clothes naked but no one around to see :(

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