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  1. They are genetic modified squats that make them look more xeno.

  2. Amazing work on the faces! And that last helmet on the right is fabulous, too, I wish I had twenty like it..

  3. They look great! Do you plan to play them with regular sisters stats/rules? (Or was it a conversion/art project?)

  4. Honestly the most impressive thing to me, is the fact that there is THAT much merch of him. I mean I know its JJBA and he is the main character for part 5 but damn, thats a LOT of figurines.

  5. If you think that is a lot, you haven't seen Rem's merch.

  6. Giving 2 more witches to my killteam ( thank GW, for nuking old TS list in the same month that I finish my original team)

  7. Mio figure from 1/20 minimum factory. With 1/2000 ship model.

  8. Why is this sub becoming imaginarydepression? I thought this was supposed to be a good vibes sub

  9. Don't be sad. He just pay respect to his ancestor, as a tradition. We do it for good luck and protection.

  10. Can someone fill me in on the time of judgement scenarios? The wiki didn’t give me a lot of information on them.

  11. There are multiple ending for each game line, kind of hard to sum up.

  12. Finana and Fauna also used to live in the same house.

  13. I’m worried they’re going to push the “Ethereals are evil, selfish, incompetents” angle even farther.

  14. On the bright side, may be Farsign will take over and we will finally get "good guy" Tau empire back.

  15. I watch it when it air, and season 2 really make me unsastisfied

  16. Dwarf fortress, lots of people helping new players like myself after the steam release, albeit with a lot of ¡FUN! injokes.

  17. Just don't mention that you prefer ascii or tileset.

  18. Do guns even have actual purpose in vanilla? It takes forever to find any ammo and when you do, it's seven rounds of a shotgun that will attract the entire town to your location in seconds. Why even use guns

  19. I wish I could play without britas. I LOVE guns but man is britas so op. I leave rosewood police station with so many guns and different outfits, they even had a damn exosuit and juggernaut hood

  20. I just tried no base/no car wanderer run. And Brita suddenly become a lot more balance.

  21. Sir! production, distribution and transportation of homebrew Selenium is illegal in the states.

  22. I believe it will be rescheduled on a later date, we just need to wait a bit more.

  23. They said in the email that they will workout the refund process on their end, you don't have to do anything.

  24. I let children handle these, so I didn’t think that’d be warranted

  25. Photo like this can evoke flight or fight system in arachnophobia folk.

  26. I just battle stance whenever i open doors, but this horde was also right behind a 90 degree angle, so it completely caught me off guard; I’ll try knocking doors from now on. Does swinging on a door damage your weapon tho?

  27. After died the same way as you too many times. Now I do battle stance + walk backward everytime I open door.

  28. First gen immigrant to USA, I think USA is a good place. I don't know why Reddit act that way.

  29. Most redditer are American. Nobody like their own country.

  30. Chuck Norris's tears can cure the zombie virus, too bad that Chuck Norris never cry.

  31. When people start calling my favorite game/anime "the classic"

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