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  1. The Soviets had tactics and doctrine that were functional to their era and technology. They took it into Afghanistan, where the ass whooping shouldve completely rewritten their books.

  2. The Ukrainians didn't have enough smart weapons to destroy the initial Russian advance, but it was enough to cause mass confusion.

  3. Everyone in NWA needs to watch the South Park episode

  4. Your fellow Americans who love America, ride for freedom and our way life. So they vote R and love America, what kind of people do you all support? I think I know but just want to hear it from yall

  5. 400k people descending on a town of 70k is going to be a problem, even if they were Mormons or Zen Buddhists or whatever.

  6. Why on earth would any member of the Trump crime family be paid anything as a result of the expenses incurred by the special master Trump himself requested in a futile attempt to delay the criminal investigation into his theft of incredibly confidential documents?!

  7. Obviously Jared was most qualified to be appointed special master.

  8. What type of trunk rack did you have? I just need a cheap one for hauling one bike a few miles.

  9. Thanks. I'm looking at it now, what menu is the option in?

  10. You have to push Y and go to the "cheat" commands

  11. I see an option to teleport the player, but nothing for the bots.

  12. New to Arma, how do you get shots like these?

  13. Play coop first to get a feel for weapon handling, it's different from most FPS (I assume you're on PC).

  14. For interest's sake, here's a 1975 article from the 'Science' section of Newsweek. It's titled 'The Cooling World' and describes the impending ice age.

  15. Science isn't religion, there isn't a set dogma that must be adhered to for all time. Sometimes scientists get things wrong, but you move on and create a newer, more accurate theory.

  16. Or "yeah its man-made, but trying to fix it would crash the economy".

  17. Buying a Dodge should be a crime itself. Like after signing the paperwork, you should be required to get a psych eval for your mental capacity to handle your own finances.

  18. Gotta spend that first paycheck after basic training.

  19. Hungary used to have an all red flag back after a Bolshevik republic was established following WW1.

  20. That was just the flag of communism. The goal of these early revolutions was to tear down existing borders and allow people to organize themselves, rather than being beholden to the borders of some medieval tribe.

  21. Red was the colour of socialism first, it was used in 1848 revolutions, but most especially later the paris Commune were not Communists but touted their all red Flag, and was a major inspiration for Marx and Engeles.

  22. Even before 1848, red was the color of revolution. The tricolor French flag is the old Bourbon blue and white with red added for the revolution.

  23. Ringa dinga? Some type of ragtime noises.

  24. Having a vague memory of this from that one small car museum that you and family went to since you needed something to distract the kids because your connection flight was cancelled. You went in thinking you were going to see cars made this century but of course as your family entered the goodwill sized museum you get a wiff of antique wood and old carpet and you realize you were entering that type of car museum. There was not a single car there that was newer then 1930 and of course your tour guide was a 80 year old man that has been working there for 30 years or 40 you don't remember. And as the old man showed off the antique vehicles he had to constantly remind your kids to not touch the exhibits killing any fun they could have had. Lucky after the 40 minute tour was over you all hopped in your rental Chevy Cruze and got Dairy Queen.

  25. Most of the cars are pre-war, I think the newest is 1970, excluding the DeLorean that's on loan. This is Winthrop Rockefeller's personal collection.

  26. I knew this guy in high school who was a massive Tool fan. He was a white guy with dreadlocks and a safety pin through his eyebrow. Drove a clapped out 240 with a pot leaf air freshener dangling from the mirror. When Fellowship of the Ring came out, I heard him go on a rant about how the movie sucks because Tom Bombadil is fundamental to the story.

  27. The Focus RS had it's final production year in Canada priced at $58k CAD MSRP. That was $10k more than I paid for a brand new Golf R DSG with winter rims and tires, tax in.

  28. When the Focus RS came out I was looking to buy one, but the dealership had it marked up to $53k USD. I ended up buying an ST for half the price.

  29. One good thing about Stellantis being the

  30. The first two are somewhat vaguely, both games feature lots of darkness, creepy "dungeons"(labs in stalker/locations in BS) both have survival elements, both are generally creepy/scary, and both have amazing atmosphere. The gameplay and settings are entirely different. In both you do use guns but the gunplay is almost opposite to each other. (Edit: but yeah, it is probably because there isn't much really close worth playing)

  31. Thematically, both are "existential horror". It's not the monsters jumping out that are scary, it's the way the world dehumanizes the people stuck in it.

  32. You can make a pretty good stalker-esque game modding 4 unlike 3 and NV.

  33. What mods for 4? I've modded mine to be city building/base defense. That's gotten old and I'm looking for other ways to play.

  34. The question is what was the real purpose of that $2 billion from the Saudis. Him ratting out Trump on the surface would be an obvious attempt to deflect blame from him. If he was the one that forwarded information to the Saudis in return for that $2 billion, blaming Trump for it would be an obvious cover. Not sure that's really going to work in the end. The level of slime among these people exceeds that river under NYC in Ghostbusters 2.

  35. I don't see why the Saudis would accept that kind of deal, especially knowing the competence of the people offering it. They're perfectly fine with the status quo. No need to piss off the US, who keeps selling them weapons for their proxy war with Iran.

  36. I see these cars everywhere. Why they are deciding to stop production seems like a terrible decision. (Am I wrong, thought I read something about the line coming to and end). If anything, keep the line going, improve with the new "standards" of the world and just keep it alive. Why dump so much shit into a line that is loved, and bought so much, to just quite. Yes V8's are becoming a past engine from manufactures, but shit... Let's roll with the changes. Sad day for us all, sad day for even non dodge fans because regardless of what anyone thinks Dodge did good on bringing these back.

  37. The government recently

  38. Code of Crimes against the Peace and Security of Mankind

  39. The reason why the MS Plaid isn’t a muscle car is because it’s just a trim level of a pre-existing sedan, while the Dodge Charger for instance, as well as the Camaro, which you mentioned are more performance based. That’s just my speculation tho

  40. The original GTO was just a package for the Tempest.

  41. I made a submod for DarthMod Empire in 2009 and released it on TWCenter. A couple years ago I got a message asking why it wasn't working anymore.

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