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Ahmaud Arbery verdict: three men found guilty of murdering Black man as he jogged

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

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  1. Are you thinking of gardon le chatte? It's the bee's knees.

  2. Oh, we still have a labor board?

  3. Let me guess, by cooperate they mean Merrick Garland sent him out to McDonalds to get a bunch of chocolate milkshakes for all the other traitors who tried to overthrow our country because he's too pussy to deal with them all properly. This treason-enabling fuckwit needs to go. Enough wrist-slaps.

  4. "The first complaint filed under Tennessee's anti-critical race theory law Stalinist history erasure law was over a book teaching about Martin Luther King Jr."

  5. Stalinist? What about CRT is stalinist?

  6. No, it's the exact opposite. I'm not saying that CRT is Stalinist, I'm saying that using this law to teach children a literally whitewashed version of history, where the aim is not pursuit of truth but rather to present a set of carefully curated factoids and mistruths which back up dogma and put the status quo in the best possible light, is Stalinist.

  7. It's funny how they don't allow this but allow to be almost the only place to buy sports apparel and also allowed the Sprint/T-Mobile merger to go through.

  8. They'll do anything as long as it distracts from the fact that they're letting all the people who committed treason against our country off with wristslaps ... well, ok, anything that doesn't upset people with real money, of course.

  9. lmao giphy is where they draw the line of all places? shit, $20 says Facebook bribed them to block it so they could pretend that the regulatory body isn't already in their pocket by "throwing the fight" as it were.

  10. "I don't drop character till i do a dvd commentary 20 years 5 years house arrest stand in a corner for 10 minutes and apologize for trying to overthrow the country"

  11. No they aren't. Using nuclear weapons against your own civilian population would be a level of stupid that this world has never seen. None of the 50+ countries that are more authoritarian than the US have even considered such a stupid "proposal".

  12. The Republican Party is already literally a suicide cult. A million Americans are already dead because they can't stop eating horse paste and fishbowl cleaner instead of taking reasonable, evidence-based precautions. The very idea of learning from experience is anathema to these people. They reject reality entirely no matter how many deaths result, even their own. They reject the concept of communicable disease, global warning, etc. What's one more thing?

  13. Get off Twitter, the world isn't this extreme and neither are it's denizens. You are listening to 1% of people pretending to be 100%.

  14. 1 million Americans are dead and the Republican Party killed them.

  15. Son, this is no time to be drinking at the space bar. I need to log into AOL.

  16. If you don't drink, just order a Tab or something.

  17. I once woke up in the middle of the night with an idea that I desperately needed to jot down. Managed to key it into my phone before dozing off again. Went to check it the next morning to find a note that simply read "Better a pizza cake than none."

  18. A pizza in the cake is better than two in the bush

  19. All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu. This is the truth! This is my belief!...At least for now.

  20. Assaulting a crew-member is punishable by up to 20 years' imprisonment, and a fine of up to $250,000. If a dangerous weapon is used, the defendant can be imprisoned for life. (18 U.S.C. § 3571, 49 U.S.C.

  21. Let's see that happen then. All I see is a bunch of wrist slaps for these violent lunatics just as long as they're the right, steal-paste-meant-for-horses, believes-in-JFK-rising-from-the-dead-to-redeem-mankind, kill-your-kids-with-a-harpoon-gun-because-you-think-a-vaccine-turned-them-into-fish-monsters kind of violent lunatics. In today's America, if you're not a frothing-at-the-mouth cultist psycho, you're practically a second-class citizen.

  22. The there seem to be no limits to the sense of entitlement some people have.

  23. "If you're a Karen they let you do it."

  24. Because they are buddy-buddy with all the cops in town. They went through three prosecutors before finding one that didn't have ties to the McMichaels.

  25. Judging by their mug shots you're talking about familial ties... ya know, 'cause they look exactly like those inbred freaks raping their own legless armless mother after they roll her out from her tray beneath the bed, X-Files style.

  26. 1 hour later: "What is something that isn't sexualized by the internet, but really should be sexualized?"

  27. "Step brother, my sweater is stuck"

  28. Just a big bowl of beans. You know you want it inside you.

  29. I mean they're dead it's not different than any other animal.

  30. That's exactly what I told the morgue attendant when he got all huffy with me.

  31. Well I am now. Thanks for the tip!

  32. I mean, China requires this as well. Many of these totalitarian governments need direct access to companies that can be used for free speech, so they can silence it

  33. China at least has the economic potential to make it worthwhile, at least theoretically.

  34. Man, we really need to own that whole condiment thing. Seriously, somebody make a big facebook meme campaign that condiments are something that only child-eating, satan-worshipping liberals consume. Eat ketchup with your fries? Pussy. Like a bit of ranch on your salad? Socialist. Barbeque sauce on a rack of ribs? No thanks Bill Gates, get your tracking chips out of my meat.

  35. pro-vax sheeple, of course

  36. Imagine getting the webcams mixed up

  37. People doing their business in the business factory is my fetish

  38. Facebook is bigger than many other countries governments in terms of resources. I wouldnt underestimate a scorned Zuckerbot 9000.

  39. Can't you just unplug the cord dangling from his waist when he's distracted?

  40. Ugggh, this is a colossal failure in parenting. Somebody clearly forgot to give the good toddler a gun too.

  41. Me too. But BOY did my pastor get on my case when I used it in response to his question about my tithe this year. Told him if he didn't knock it off I'd take my kid out of his private bible study class. That shut him up.

  42. Now I know why I earned 75 less than usual that last week in 2019. Damn you, Michael!

  43. Look, it's either this or the coal mines, son. I'm sorry but with the economy the way it is we really need to just suck it up and do everything we can to scrape together every last cent so we can afford my heroin habit.

  44. Not ripping apart the moral fabric of the country doesn't increase engagement.

  45. Ah yes, the classic "won't somebody think of the poor Nazis" defense.

  46. Wait, this is some random dude "beta testing" critical safety equipment on a public highway? What's next, testing Boeing 737 Max in the same way? "Don't worry, we'll have a fix for 'bug 13810: wings should stay on' ready for our January release" /s (too soon?)

  47. Republicans are the dumbest fucking people on this planet.

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