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  1. Crim, Saints, Gunless, Dashy, Formal, Skrapz, Abezy, Cellium, Huke, Havok, Prestinni, and Scump. Going back to WW2. I’m sure there’s more. Played Davpadie a lot in BOCW, and Fire40 with the XM4 was the hardest gunfight of my life.

  2. FJX Laser, Hair Trigger, Wood Grain Grip, and Armor Piercing.

  3. Copy some pro controller settings and run around and shoot targets in the firing range for a while. Don't just stand there, actually move around in between targets.

  4. Everyone wants shipment. Players leave Shoothouse. Players finding matches join one of the million Shoothouse vacant slots. People on Shipment just play shipment. It's the same with the CDL Moshpit and SnD.

  5. At this stage of the franchise, it has more to do with the quality of the previous title than the current one unless there's radical change like jetpacks, crossplay, or WZ. VG being the exception to this rule, because it really was just that bad.

  6. I mean, I get it. There's a lot of players in challengers that will probably never get a shot in the CDL. I can understand the desire for someone that came up in the scene to have a next-in-line approach. But it doesn't work like that in sports, haha. Extraordinary talent naturally rises to the top faster

  7. VG at least had fast ADS/Sprint out, ignoring slide cancelling. Worst maps in franchise history by far, all the other shit that's ruined new-era CoD, but at least it felt like CoD. Now I gotta check my watch while I ads with a smg, and I can't imagine how hard it must be to break a preaim with pure gunny for people who aren't top .1% players.

  8. I remember Spacely's video announcing he got dropped for being too young to compete at champs. I'm old.

  9. People would like skill based match making if rankings came with a badge and rank name (like rocket league) to stroke their ego.

  10. CoD's SBMM is very different from traditional competitive matchmaking. One is meant to balance teams as evenly as possible, and the other is meant to control what team wins, and everyone's individual performances, prior to the game starting, in order to maximize the chance everyone keeps playing, which translates to $$$ from MTX. One is meant for a competitive environment, the other is meant to violate competitive integrity by making a completely artificial experience. One is permanent/seasonal, and the other is extremely short term.

  11. Rhode island is marked as three? Where is the third border? What land did they steal? What did those bastards do?

  12. They’ve been having aquatic border disputes with NY for decades. Bin Laden was the scapegoat, it was really Lincoln fucking Almond.

  13. Censor to OG confirmed. Dougii? Scuglas?DUMPII? Take your pick.

  14. United/MRKN BO2 with Phizz and Dedo. TKO SnD in MW3 got me into comp. Liked all the Quantic rosters that year too. VVV is also up there because Royalize streamed a lot.

  15. It's nothing crazy. You could get it by this point playing an hour of pubs a day on average. Probably even less with shipment/2xp weekends.

  16. ahhh okay pac also did play with shiv even though everyone knew he was hacking. dudes weird

  17. He ran Pac's pockets all of CW without getting banned. If "everyone knew" then he would have been gone. He barely played with him afterwards on top of that. If that's the biggest blemish on his record after all these years then bruh is a Saint.

  18. Everyone thought shiv hacked but until he exposed himself there was nothing concrete.

  19. That's my point. Thinking is not knowing.

  20. Ah yes, all makes sense now. Faze is trading and tiny terror, probably wanting Envoy and Sib/Dashy for Slasher in return. Optic want Pred and a decent AR to trade for Arcitys. LAT want Pred or a tiny terror for Envoy. SEA will probably end up with Slasher or Illey to replace Accuracy, and they'll use that fat cap-space to find a new smg.

  21. Ricochet is a real-time anti-cheat. It should only be capable of banning you in-game. These false bans always occur at login, never live, as far as I'm aware at least. It's probably not Ricochet, but rather some server-side issue. Server might trick itself into issuing false information, but another system might check the validity of the information and flag your account, which doesn't immediately ban you but locks you out upon next login. ATVI has 0 customer service, so the flag is never actually reviewed and eventually the ban gets automatically finalized.

  22. So you're saying we should accept less maps? Jesus you are a special kind of stupid

  23. We're talking about maps. I would accept less maps if it meant the quality was drastically improved, which seems to be the case. What's stupid about that?

  24. Brother we got less maps and the quality is still shit hahahaha

  25. If you think quality is anywhere near as bad as VG then you’re smoking cat piss

  26. "Jumping corners and drop shotting." In other words, not being mailboxes...

  27. Another note I’ve redownloaded the game and changed any possible display/graphics settings and no matter what it stays like this.

  28. Looks like you can't load the background textures, but the close textures are fine. I imagine it's bad settings, or a SSD/HDD issue related to priority, or corrupted files, or maybe a RAM/GPU issue but those are unlikely. List your specs and in-game settings. If possible, try running the in-game benchmark and posting that.

  29. I have my 2500 offensive/defensive medal challenges done, and 0 assassinations/3 melee kills. Definitely not doing all that.

  30. When they added point blanks in MW2019, it required a ridiculously short-range that they eventually doubled/tripled.

  31. Fun Fact if anyone remembers, this is/was actually a bug from COD4 back in 2007 or whenever, back then it only lasted each match but activision somehow not only brought back a bug from 07, they made it worse lol

  32. Not only that, but it worked before they tried to change it, and now you have this bug and many more.

  33. Getting the 1000 Orion kills done with the lockwood rn. This is my pain.

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