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  1. Is this regarding the book fliers on the bridge? Hope it went well

  2. How many of the supposed 860 complaints were down to that walleys quarry landfill?

  3. I hope she mentions her bit as an extra in the pilot of 30 Rock. I freaked out because she was standing in a shot and just never spoke

  4. Was she in the pilot i never knew that. I saw her in the tracy does conan episode thought that was it

  5. Well its finally official murder is legal in the state of california

  6. Looks like it’s in front of and not behind the scenes/s

  7. Looks like its rehearsal judging by what they sre all wearing. I use love ryans shirt tie combo

  8. Why is that family randomly standing all together like that? There is no shadow behind this guy so no1 is photographing them Maybe that lady has finished work and her family has come to suprise her id like to think that was the case.

  9. They're posing for a photograph. Perhaps the lady with the red handbag has a camera, of perhaps someone out of shot.

  10. If I remember correctly she test screened for the role of Jenna

  11. Would have been a complete different take on jenna instead of airhead wackiness narcissism. How would she have portrayed her. And would it have worked? Apart from debbie downer i have only seen that kids show sketch with ray liotta she was in

  12. Whose funnier colleen or lucille? Both steal every scene they are in

  13. Played some nice stuff in that first half. Beyond shit in the second.

  14. Say what u want about green day but jesus of suburbia is a all-timer. One of those rare songs that get better with each listen.

  15. Im sorry but how did she get one of them? Just cos she won 1 title 2 years ago

  16. God i despise firework night with every fibre of my being. Its not fun and your neighbours hate you

  17. Her and michael met and flirted doing spinning classes at the gym. Capiche

  18. It’s so good. Also the fact that Michael rides a bike everyday in that season already lol.

  19. Literally found that out this week. Am currently listening to a podcast on arrested development. The hop-ons podcast. Great stuff

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