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  1. The number of times I've done this and just ended up doing other people's work is laughable.

  2. Nah, kettles are common outside the UK. Don't let the absurdity of the USA confuse you.

  3. Must say, I don't think my nips have ever been curious about unfamiliar surroundings...

  4. I'm not saying I'd try it with many people... but I'm not saying I wouldn't try it...

  5. Holy bananas, this is GORGEOUS!! I have wanted to embroider on dark colours for a while, how do you transfer or draw a pattern onto dark colours?

  6. Really gorgeous work. The blending on the butterfly wings is great!

  7. No lies, I once waited an HOUR to be interviewed by the CEO. Got the job and left within a year. If they are late to your interview, it's just a reflection of hour your time is viewed by the company.

  8. This is gorgeous. I’d love to do something like this one day. How long did it take you?

  9. Thank you! 😊 it did take a few hours daily for about 10 days, but I also know I'm quite slow with my stitching, so I'm sure there are more skilled embroiderers who could do this in a jiffy.

  10. I know how hail forms... but how in the physics does a piece like that second picture form!?

  11. I'm confused. Why would healthcare professional have to believe you're actually married? Women have kept their names for decades know. They should be familiar with it.

  12. Perhaps if you were actually Catholic with a good understanding of the faith and Catechism. I see too many writers presenting the faith how they THINK it works with obviously no real working knowledge. It pisses me off when they get it wrong. It dilutes the argument.

  13. I think this is a good point. I think the concept of a priest struggling, like an 'ordinary' human is great, but please please please get the idiosyncrasies of the catholic faith right!

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