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  1. Or do a better job on malicious spam bots. Look at the watch spammers that scamwatchreporter reports on, or the thousands of Tshirt accounts.

  2. We also have the issue with all the brand new repost and comment bots you see all over in cute/funny animal subreddits?

  3. Oh you mean like the ones that steal comments but drop all the vowels to try and hide yeah it's getting REDICULOUS. I literally just made a new sub because my fav sub was being overrun and wasn't handling it. Automod and regex are your friend.

  4. Possible (slightly) that he doesn’t like the litter?? I set up a 2nd pan near the one with familiar litter and a choice was made. I guess she didn’t like the fragrance of the original one! It could be that stupid.

  5. Nah we've been using it for years and keep the box immaculate I started working a LOT more and he was getting pissy

  6. No offense, but I think not only does this go against Watterson hatred of merchandising his property, it also offensively misuses his character just as much as the pissing Calvin.

  7. this subs willingness to allow brand new low effort repost bots infest this sub is the entire reason

  8. yeah i just got so sick of this sub being 99 percent scammers so i had to start an alternate. i love c&H

  9. I really really really hope those are not power cables

  10. Do you have a raspberry pi or something that could do it on a cron job or loop? I haven’t messed with them but friends have had success with it.

  11. I do I was just thinking about that. Ive got a severely under utilized pi4 running pihole. Probably not a bad idea, other than that how does the code look? I'm self taught and fairly new to cobbling things together

  12. its been an ongoing problem on reddit for a while. they buy/generate thousands of accounts. most of the time they will either create a sub (or post to u/) with a nonactive user (to attempt to avoid bans) use automod to generate the link on that subreddit, and then crosspost it everywhere under the sun. If you follow

  13. Any chance you could point out to right regex and "botdefence" to combat this? It's really getting annoying.

  14. Are shitposting/edited strips allowed here, or only original art? There’s

  15. caveat, I would prefer if the shitposting is less than 10 percent of the posts, to try and keep the sub from running rampant with it.

  16. I would say that as long as it isn't political, or against the spirit of Calvin and Hobbes or the wishes of Watterson it would be allowed. We can always community vote and update as necessary

  17. Modmail modsupport in addition to regular reporting. I've had to do this several times and usually get a very quick response. There are also several ways to report it to online crime reporting with FBI which also puts pressure on reddit. I'm on mobile I'll look for links later unless someone else can link

  18. awesome thank you, i hadnt had a chance to get to this yet, but def a good link to have in peoples pocket!

  19. and boofed! another one bites the dust. now only 22 million more to go :/

  20. That is quite possibly the funniest way I've ever seen a cat chillax to tv hahahhaha

  21. So this is the bucake that everyone's been taking about

  22. You need to set up automod, and maybe some other helpful mod bots like magic eye bot and botdefense. Modding is pretty hard on phone not every tool is available and it's easier to sort stuff on pc

  23. Mine likes to sit on the kitchen chairs and watch you from under the table like a creeper

  24. "He was behind the stopped car. I'm not saying the dude was on the right, but maybe the stopped car was road rage breaking, or doing something weird. He wasnt in front and out of his car. Depending on the area it's possible the guy was just scared because of an erratic road rager. Or maybe he was being the road rager. It's a ten second clip so jumping to conclusions is short sided and fairly ignorant"

  25. Giving multiple viewpoints and stating that it's too short to understand what is going on is jumping to conclusions?? ...k

  26. Look man... this guy was convicted and arrested. This is what being an asshole with a gun looks like. We know because he was arrested and convicted as such. You claim that the guy with the gun could have been in the right based on what was seen in the video, despite knowing full and well he wasn't, is the problem. You need to change your idea of what "being in the right" looks like, because we have proven (because he was charged) that this is not what "being in the right" looks like, but rather what you wish it looked like. The authorities were literally able to come to the conclusion that this guy was in the wrong using the exact same video evidence you saw and concluded that he could have been in the right... why is that? What does that say about you?

  27. Nothing I said was untrue. Based on the video alone and without context (which I didn't see yet) you shouldn't come to conclusions. I never said the guy wasn't a dick or in the wrong. If he broke the law with a gun I fully hope that he can never hold one agai, so good I'm glad he got arrested.

  28. Your comment is way too tense man. Gonna need you to add a good hearty one-liner of no significance in the middle of it.

  29. "I had a parrot. The parrot talked, but it did not say "I'm hungry," so it died." -Mitch

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