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Enraged Americans Expected Uvalde Cops to Fight to the Death to Stop Elementary School Massacre. They Had No Legal Duty to Act.

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  1. One thing I'll regularly point-out. The Pound lost more during the Financial Crisis than any other currency.

  2. How was it that the gov and the BoE "reflated" the housing market?

  3. Water pollution is much more isolated, can be contained vs. externality from leaded petrol.

  4. Did you genuinely just say water pollution is isolated and can be contained?

  5. First clue. This number is between 1-5000. And it also goes by another name 🤔

  6. Yeah was very chuffed thank you. I was debating but chopping but it was very close between all of us and I was absolutely shattered after playing earlier too.

  7. I was at the local casino playing the Sunday tournament and had been playing pretty well imo, made a few good bluffs and value bet and at one point was pretty over the average stack.

  8. Not really advice but I don't think cancelling PTO and threatening to fire staff if they kick up a fuss is a good way to fix their employee churn problem.

  9. Having 8x here is far better than Kx. Blocks 2 more combos of 88. So instead of having 6 value combos, his opponent now has 4.

  10. That's actually a really good point. The guy wouldn't x/r KQs - KTs as in a 3-bet pot it's fairly marginal and he probably doesn't have AK as that's a 4-bet 90% of the time.

  11. What are you supposed to do in a situation like this? The flop comes... You have an awesome hand. There's one and only one hand that can beat yours. They go all in. You have to call right? I swear this situation happened to me at least 5 times in 5 years of playing online poker

  12. As it's happenned to me once before I think I could maybe fold the 99 in a 3-way pot, but let's face it I wouldn't.

  13. Did you get rage quitters after the hand? lol

  14. It was on Rush & Cash (GG's equivalent of Zoom) so honestly I have no idea. Basically the same thing happened to me a few months ago and I had to sit away for a bit. (I had pocket 2s) turned full house 2s over 9s. Another player had AK and flopped top top but the other player flopped quad 9s.

  15. What's taking the 'Starmer investigation' so long? Surely it wouldn't take more than a couple of days to finish.

  16. That's amazing man! I'm grinding the small stakes tourneys ($1.65 turbos) in hopes to build up a bankroll and start playing the slightly higher small stakes tourneys like this one.

  17. Thanks so much. Tournaments can definitely be tough mentally as you can be a big chip lead and then lose a big chunk of your chips to a one-outer but I suppose you just have to put in volume.

  18. How long were you playing? Gg has late registration

  19. I think I joined from the start and it took about six hours total. But like at I chipped down pretty quickly next the start after either getting sucked out on or making bad hero calls.

  20. I feel like the bets are getting big enough that trips with Q are no good. Who's check-raising 30 BB with anything less than AK on this board? I suspect you have pocket 3's from your preflop action and this check-raise stunt :P

  21. You're about right with the pot size. You're also right I had pocket 3s in the BB.

  22. Ouch. Yeah, it's break time. Shit happens but still sucks. You know you played it right though. There's always that. I think villain was about 12% on the river there (3 Q outs, 3 "whatever the turncard was" outs, plus the other guy has similar if he has the other A, making it about 76% for you to win), so both of them definitely shouldn't have been there, but it's not the worst beat. Definitely had it happen to me more than I'd like, but you're winning 3/4 spots like this to triple up. Next chance you get, you know to play it the same way :)

  23. Yeah it did suck but. It did kind of make me happy that you would have made the right fold there and I think I would have done too especially in a multi-way pot.

  24. I've yet to see anyone make an argument for why a specific gender needs somewhere private to get naked, it has always been about sex, prisons have always been segregated by sex to avoid things like pregnancies, and women's sport is segregated by sex because men, or individuals born as men, have a natural physical advantage because men are, on average, physically far stronger and faster than women, and thus it was deemed unfair to have women compete on even terms with men because they're not equal to men in physical fitness terms.

  25. I mean you're sort of proving my point that this is where the argument lies. Some people think that single gender changing rooms are more important as someone who presents as a woman would be more in place in a women's changing room.

  26. I think we're both getting a bit lost here. Recall that my original point is that, generally, trans activists do not respect "sex and gender are different things", they instead tend to adhere to the idea that they're interchangeable terms or to the idea that gender trumps sex in every instance.

  27. Sorry for the late reply, had a busy day yesterday.

  28. There's no legal obligation because if there was, anyone who was a victim of any crime anywhere in the country could sue the police for failing to prevent it.

  29. This can't be right, if the police aren't there obviously they will be unable to prevent a crime.

  30. To call here you need some sort of read that he might be bluffing plus a good value blocker. You had a chance to stab at it with the paired 7, but you checked and now he’s polarizing to make you sweat. Your 9 blocks some straight combos, your T blocks middle set, and there is a missed open ender on the board for KQ. If you think he’s capable of bluffing a missed draw here, I think you have enough to call it off given the turn checked through. Running into a slow played set here is possible, though. So you really want something else to go on in his play style.

  31. No idea how RTD is going to pull this off, but I’m absolutely buzzing to find out! 2023 can’t come soon enough!

  32. Haha sorry! Surely if it's Donna it's got to be pre journeys end?

  33. I don't know how the tables play but I would say A9o is too low down in your range to raise to 8bb pre. I would play tight and just wait for better spots, it sounds like the tables are very soft so you will have much better raising opportunities.

  34. Honestly. Incredibly loose. 4/7 of these players are limping 60%-80% of hands pre. So the reason I raised was because a) to apply pressure and pick up the limps and b) I genuinely thought I had the best hand preflop as anything better would probably have been raised except maybe a low pocket pair.

  35. I suppose it's more calling a raise with Kx suited in any position but the big blind to me seems very loose maybe I'm wrong?

  36. I got two in a day the other week and actually managed to get some value out of one. Madness

  37. I managed to win a satellite but busted out of the event near the end of day 1 after stupidly calling a river jam after defending my BB with A10o. Villain had AJ for two pair (A on the flop and J on the river) and I knew I wasn't good. I need to stop having to see the bluff, even when it's clearly not a bluff.

  38. That's rough! Yeah, you do have to develop discipline. Not everyone's trying to bluff you all the time! Also, I knocked out someone like that 👀

  39. I might be wrong, but cold calling a 3bet from CO to UTG on the button with 22 seems like the biggest punt here.

  40. I do think you're right. The theory is that if I flop a set and I'm up against aces or top pair top kicker I can happily get it all in otherwise I'll just fold. But I suppose you just run that risk of being set over set (or quads).

  41. You are considering just the upside, you need to consider this:

  42. You're absolutely right, definitely a learning experience for me

  43. Flops the royal… profits 12 bucks. Smh

  44. Profits nothing everyone folded pre. Or is that a reference?

  45. You ain’t got shit if them cards are in the muck!!

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