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  1. If this is about Chaz Ah You I’d be careful what you’re writing about in the assignment. He was falsely accused and all the charges ended up being dropped.

  2. Ate these with some chick fil a sauce and it was divine 👌🏼💋

  3. Someone that works for the business I assume, messaged me on Facebook and asked if I would be interested

  4. It’s created by 2 students in the IS program. They came to my class and did a small presentation on it. Seems legit. I don’t have any experience with it though.

  5. Is it BYU approved? If so the contract specifically has an exit clause for marriage.

  6. Yes it is BYU approved and they are letting me out of my contract in May but I’m trying to see if there is way I won’t have to pay back the difference between the two lease rents for the past 6 months that I’ve been living here

  7. He can’t do that. Section 23 D says that he can retain your security deposit and any other charges (like cleaning or damages) but nothing else. The rent is prorated (meaning you pay till the last day of tenancy only). Please report him to OCH and do not pay that rent.

  8. Okay I will definitely get in contact with them. Thank you!

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