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  1. yeah gosford will be cool and gentrified in like 20-30 years. you can already see there's way more young alternative people and just less dropkicky people sticking around because they've been priced out of the city, where they would've fled to a generation ago. Fast train would only help that

  2. I do it to uni a few times a week, change over at epping to the metro which takes you there. Move as soon as you can lmao

  3. YES! (but high school instead) I was accepted into a selective school that scored like 5x better than the state average, but instead my dad lied to me by telling me that it was full of junkies, told me I needed to be where my friends form primary school are going, and that he called my teacher and she said it's the exact same quality of education (which is a lie, since my teacher was pushing my mum to get me to take the selective school test in the first place).

  4. the worst is when a guy lets you know he's been "getting into fashion " ie learning to dress himself and makes a whole thing out of it. Even when the end result is good it just kills any mystique.

  5. It feels like it's part of a wider thing where some people are starting to view themselves as just a list of positive and negative traits, whereas other (normal) people will more likely judge you based on less quantifiable personal qualities rather than "person must have x amount of acceptable hobbies and interests for me to approve".

  6. i feel bad for them tbh personal style is one of the best ways to express urself and they treat it as something so scientific and clinical

  7. Yeah, playing with your style and putting together outfits is just fun! You don't have to be "into fashion" as in following trends and bloggers and celebrities and runway shows or whatever to enjoy it. Obviously some people don't enjoy it, so then why bother forcing yourself?

  8. no one is better than the australian greens at identifying a real problem and then proposing the wrong solution

  9. i tend to attract really autistic people. like if i'm in a room with 50 people and one of them has a deviantart or a series of alternate history self-insert fanfictions, I'm the one who's gonna end up hearing about it

  10. -mom won the lottery and dad cashed the ticket without telling her, she assumed she just lost it

  11. Actual best life card is to be the son of a professional athlete and a model in the United States. We know this.

  12. I'm the daughter of a professional (motorsports) athlete and a model does that count

  13. it replicates the voice really well but the inflection just isn't there. He sounds like a year 6 doing an acknowledgement of country at assembly

  14. Boomer guys always be like ‘C’mon, ya gotta have a sense of humor’ and then launch the most vicious personal attack

  15. when i was in the US for 2 weeks I lost weight for like the first time in my life somehow

  16. at least everyone can be skinny. when I gain more than a couple kilos I just look like a counterstrike pro in drag

  17. no, they're locked in competition to get the youngest man/woman they can find without getting arrested, kind of a price is right type thing

  18. One day we might be an independent, sovereign nation. Until that day we may as well remove the letters A TRALIA from our passports.

  19. have sex in the gamer chair while xqc is on in the background

  20. this feels like the kind of dumb gimmick they would use to fill the first 8 minutes of a family guy episode

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