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  1. I wish she wouldn't breathe.

  2. Well, if she continues to not wear a mask (100% an antivaxxer), she'll probably get covid, have a hard time breathing for a while and then maybe she'll stop breathing completely. Forever.

  3. Yeah, that was their preppy years. Enter Taxman, Seek and Find Roy, Master of Puppies...

  4. I keep a picture of an empty warehouse in my wallet to show the idiots all the guns that Obama confiscated. So far, none of them has thought to keep a picture of a warehouse full of guns.

  5. Damn. I had to go back up and un-downvote you cause I fell for your /s.

  6. It is just impossible to tell these days. Is the Onion still in business?

  7. Fuck the vaccine, this guy needs a rabies shot.

  8. If you think the people around her in the airplane had it rough, imagine having to play hide the salami with her on a regular basis.

  9. No, No, No! You can't make me image that! No, I refuse to imagine that!

  10. For an extra $50 she’ll put handcuffs on for you too.

  11. Sounds like some of y'all thirsty mother fuckers need to watch Black Snake Moan.

  12. Funnier is that they were "still stinging" from the one leftist relative who still showed up to the conservative dinner, according to his earlier example.

  13. Huh, wonder what happened to those hundreds of thousands of people...

  14. Oh sure, they might have had a little covid, but they died from organ failures, heart attacks, blood clots, pneumonia. Just because they had a little covid doesn't mean....

  15. They get off on this shit, don't they? Motherfucking asshole.

  16. One of her fans I am guessing was paying her to masturbate with the pistol. Wouldn't be surprised if the fan mailed her his pistol to use in her shoot.

  17. Fuentes...Fuentes?...Is he one of those "murders and rapists" donny was talking about?

  18. Did you see that naked feller with that octopus trying to escape his goody hole?

  19. You mean A DA pressed charges, not THE. The old one is indicted for felony violation of oath of office for failing to do a damn thing. She was seriously trying to sweep this shit under the rug even with all the racial tensions going on. What an absolute piece of shit.

  20. I wonder how many more she swept under the rug and got away with? They should review every case she was involved in.

  21. After watching all these videos of these poor guys getting assaulted and abused, I've been going out of my way to be super nice and polite to them. I did before moreso now. You don't get anywhere being an asshole.

  22. Can he at least have his AK in jail with him?

  23. The audacity of that orange turd. Exactly who the fuck does he think he is?

  24. Message to real Derek…hey buddy, you gotta leave that bitch. She’s fucking nuts.

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