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  1. There’s actually more leeway to it than you might think:

  2. That you need a CRT to beat certain hard NES games like Punch Out! or Battletoads.

  3. At least at Uvalde, everyone showed up at the right school

  4. Imagine choosing a fucking selfish shit stain spineless diaper wearing amphetamine addicted bottom of the barrel slug over your nation, neighbors, and family.

  5. I don’t think they really worship him, it’s just a performative act that they can’t give up on, because admitting weakness is?

  6. Frankly, they’ll never win anything without the US military on their side. Bubble Terrorism yes. And some potentially terrible stuff. But public opinion won’t be on their side. I could see another organized thing though like Jan 6 or worse. Hostage situations. Right wing nuts are probably organizing right now.

  7. They couldn’t even challenge the US military in a pitched battle, when President Grant sent the army into the South to stop their efforts to curtail black voting presence, hence why they became domestic terrorists following the end of Reconstruction for greater fear based effectiveness.

  8. Constant target on my back as per “I have to save the world. Again!” from Becoming Part II.

  9. Other discs in the OG as well? Did you remove the bad capacitors of any pre 2005 unit?

  10. Boxing is the only sport where athletes from the 70s and 80s could bear today’s athletes

  11. Or even further back, with Bert Sugar and many other analysts saying Joe Louis and other 30s legends couldn’t have held a candle in the era of John L. Sullivan, Jim Jeffries, and especially Jack Johnson.

  12. “(Nobody’s ever knocked out Duran) Right, nobody knocks out Roberto Duran, so you gotta give me credit for that.” - The Petronellis and Marvin Hagler

  13. He gets quite nervous in past videos when asked about his Twitter followers, so definitely has something to hide…

  14. Planned parenthood gets blown up all the time please shut the fuck up

  15. Yep, and Harry Blackmun, the main author of Roe v. Wade, got death threats before the ink was even dry, so Kirk’s pearl clutching over the threats against Kavanaugh are hilarious.

  16. First they came for the officials who tried to overthrow the government-and I said nothing.

  17. I’m sure Stephen Gammell would’ve still created masterful illustrations, despite the dubious analogy in this case…

  18. I would say it’s worth getting. Best part: takes place during season five but Dawn is noticeably absent

  19. Alternate reality, and we’ve seen how supportive Dawn is of that notion in Normal Again…

  20. I don’t get what that means but we can all agree Dawn is the worst character along with Riley and Spike and Andrew and Kennedy

  21. As part of her hyperindividualism (it’s all about me!) , the only real remark she had on Buffy’s issues within is indignation at her not being present; like Buffy’s preferred world was one without Dawn in it.

  22. I mean technically in season 5 he was one of Harmony's minions...😉

  23. Man, I remember watching that episode when it first aired. Had me laughing uncontrollably

  24. Although the other commentors are right about the NES being much better in game design than earlier consoles, there was also the great video game crash of 1983.

  25. Famicom was in Japan in 83, but otherwise the shift from high score based gameplay to the prevailing being games that could be finished was quite the fundamental shift.

  26. Not so much bootleg, but there are mega cheap ones from Cavia and suchlike ideal for the weekend long abuse of conventions like MAGFest.

  27. Yea, the Kisado converter was the life of the party from like 1994 until 2015, but unless you already have a region mod built in, it seems Everdrive is the best option by default in today’s world.

  28. This was the worst casting of the entire show. I just can’t with that episode

  29. With time, as the physiological breakdown characteristic of torture/exploitation needn’t be used just for cruelty.

  30. Yeah, it's definitely footwear. I wonder where OP got this screenshot from?

  31. Probably standard subtitles, they get things wrong all the time.

  32. Just curious what was your grandmother's preferred nomenclature for a broken beer bottle...

  33. Regardless, seems like a lot of extra effort to make such a comparison, but nobody ever say racism was based in sense…

  34. Nah, the Ethiopians just had a shit ton of rifles and the Italians were really, really bad at war.

  35. Yep, makes racism seem like quite the exhausting thing to believe in.

  36. I mean, I don’t capitalize any of those words because my autocorrect doesn’t do it for me and I don’t care to fix it

  37. Inherent laziness is indeed another valid bit of reasoning to explain “the white race”…

  38. lol. who the hell is there for him to get authorization from? the super president?

  39. Oh, they exist, but much like the “Grand Chancellor” at the typical university, are rarely seen…

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