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  1. I’ve had 2 goldens I’ve taken into the field without ever actually training them for it. First, a female, wasn’t terribly birdy but got the idea as she saw the pheasants drop. She made one good flush and retrieve and was obviously pleased by the response. The next morning there were 11 dead fancy chickens in my brother- in-laws yard! “Sigh”. Replaced them with a mixed bag bunch from a local auction yard. When my brother in law pointed out that they were all roosters I thought “that poor last hen”.

  2. Won’t matter much. Maybe the smaller RV or 5th wheel crowd won’t venture as far from home on their one big road trip of the year. But then again, maybe they can’t resist plastering those ridiculous “I did that” stickers on the pumps as they go. Probably try to use em as breadcrumbs to find their way home.

  3. Haven’t been there in years so don’t really know what, or what’s not, going on. I do know my wife was part of a group that was suppose to volunteer there. That was this spring. Day prior to going a call was made to confirm event as it had snowed the day before. “Oh yeah, we’re still on. We’re gonna have you rake leaves.”

  4. If you volunteer your time to an organization, shouldn't you be prepared to help however they ask? Why assume they're incompetent and are wasting your time?

  5. Because the assignment of that task is incompetent. And a waste of time.

  6. “Thank god it’s a girl” was her second thought.

  7. Did you apply for a job while there? Yeah….

  8. Classic. Got Nancy worked up, had a laugh and sent a message.

  9. Seems like her whole career has been one long political stunt. I just cant find any reason to believe she really wants whatever’s next because she never does anything with what she’s got. Ambition for ambitions sake is no endorsement and she’s certainly not “saving” anybody from anything.

  10. Former SD Senator Tim Johnson once said at a Stephanie Herseth rally in 2004 “how sweet it's going to be on June 2nd when the Taliban wing of the Republican Party finds out what's happened in South Dakota.”

  11. Linda Blair was to the Exorcist as Lauren Boebert is to Congress.

  12. Human life begins when it can continue to physically exist independently of the womb.

  13. Is that why I kept getting stares when I went to the supermarket in shorts while in Paris? I just basically wear shorts all year round and don’t think twice about it.

  14. People gave you stares because you wore shorts to the supermarket? WTF? It’s a supermarket! This is suppose to be a place worthy of a particular fashion sensibility? And shorts offends that sensibility? Some people seriously need more to do to occupy their time.

  15. Your regular shorts also have pockets, having so many pockets just looks tacky. I can ensure you that the majority of people don't even use the other pockets.

  16. Wallet, money clip, keys and truck key fob, sunglasses, glasses, phone, smokes, lighter, eye drops, gum and maybe a pen knife. Now I’m ready for the day. Do I look tacky? Possibly. Do I care? No. I’ve got stuff to do…..

  17. I'm from the UK and it's hilarious to me that people wear cowboy hats over there! Makes me think of Tom Segura saying 'well cock a doodle do'

  18. I hear you but…..whatta ya gonna do about it? Knock it off their head? Anyone with a brain can tell at a glance the urban cowboy from the real deal. Texas doesn’t have a monopoly on real deal cowboys but they’ve got plenty no doubt. Give ‘em a a good old “cock a doodle do” next time you’re in town. I’m sure they’d be glad to discus the issue.

  19. Aww is somebody mad they aren't a Texan? You from like one of those dumb states like South Dakota

  20. Dumb states! South Dakota! Just because our Governor can’t seem to stay out of Texas for more than 2 weeks at a time, always flying down there for fundraisers and coming back with ever more dumb ideas? That’s no reason to call SD dumb. She’s just easily persuaded, you know, peer pressure and all that. Like high school. You Texans are a bad influence.

  21. Used to call them “pregnant guppies” on the golf courses were I used to work. Always meant an irrigation leak underground. Prod around with a sharp rod until you find the epicenter then start digging.

  22. I rode that thing in the early 70’s and saw no mermaids. Thing broke down half way around the track and had to get towed back. Was kinda fun until then.

  23. Mr Hassan, you know why she did it, and it ain’t what you say it is. We know as well. You cursed your dead wife for your own purposes. Allah has a curse in store for you as well. You will see.

  24. Seriously? Women expressing appreciation for the role their husbands play in a mutually agreed upon relationship?!! The horror!!!

  25. Imagine being so vainglorious as to be worth 30 million $$$ and think people wouldn’t see this as just another poseur politician playing outrage by pointing at the pumps for posts.

  26. “Yeah, I’ll stay for one more but then I gotta go. I’m in the doghouse as it is.”

  27. I have faith that y’all in MN will figure it out. Thank your gods that ya don’t live just west of yourselves in SD. The people of SD long ago voted overwhelmingly via referendum to legalize both medical and recreational pot. GOP Governor Krusti Gnome, of course, called in some IOU’s and got it challenged and thus defeated in the SD Supreme Court on some no precedent ruling involving methodology of referendum presentation for ballet access. This all in the birthplace of ballet referendums (SD).

  28. OMG dude! Is this even a real question? Do what you like, the mail box brick has nothing to do with the planters! (look at your own picture). Tear out the planters or fix them up and plant something cool, whatever.

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