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  1. And before that, 600 years together under the Ottomans.


  3. He has failed to kidnap and murder Israelis,

  4. And do you know where the Palestinians are from? PALESTINE

  5. Actually they are from the Arabian peninsula. The Arabs took over Palestine in the 7th century and killed the natives.

  6. Genetic studies disagree and suggest only a minority of Palestinians (or several other Arab countries) ancestors are from the Arabian subcontinent most were locals who slowly underwent cultural assimilation

  7. Both genetic and archeological studies agree with what I said.

  8. LMAO is that that Somali education whirring around in that brain? Holy sht dude 💀

  9. This is why I didn't bother responding to him even, I realized he has 0 knowledge in history from his reply, and I'm not going to start giving lectures here.

  10. This is correct. The use of "Palestinian" as we do in modern terms (that describes a sub-group of Arabs local to today's Israel) came into use in the 1960's. Prior, the term referred to anyone from the region of Palestine. Israeli coinage even has "Palestin" written on it.

  11. I don't consider reactions to imperialism worse than the initiation of it

  12. Preparing for the downvotes but I don't think a country's shitty policies after decades of disenfranchisement should be used to post hoc justify imperialism

  13. It’s legal in the West Bank but illegal in Gaza. Gaza is run by a terrorist organization.

  14. Legal in the WB only by dry law. In reality, you get beaten up and at the very least disowned and shunned.

  15. Russia and Iran uniting once again. Iran must be stopped, or else we will get another Russia.

  16. I really don't understand why anyone on the left supports the extreme right wing, terroristic, theocratic and barbaric Palestinian cause. The Palestinian authority and Hamas are not seeking to build a progressive utopia. They want to build a violent theocratic right wing dictatorship, something that goes against everything progressives, liberals and leftists believe in. It's truly mindboggling.

  17. Got to love how the first sentence in that video by AJ is "In 1948, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to leave their country because of the catastrophe - the creation of Israel". Really tells you all you need to know about AJ's unreliability.

  18. Wait, Guterres also criticized the UNHRC? That's a first from what I know. Do you have a source on that? About Ban Ki-moon and Kofi Annan's criticisms I know.

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