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Putting the punk in Cyberpunk

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PlayStation 5 Pre-order Megathread Redux

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Animal Crossing broken multiplayer is frustrating many fans who did not know that progress could only be made by the first user profile

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  1. Is this about tank controls or camera? Cuz RE1 HD has both control styles available in the same game, why not use that to make your comparison?

  2. Why? That seems like such a bizarre decision

  3. Since it's a battle royal, I think it's to keep the numbers up. If half the potential players play it now, and the other half sleeps on it for a year, then there's less ppl in matchmaking.

  4. Pirating games as a form of protest. Totally not because I'm a cheap ass.

  5. if enough of us steal the game, they will definitely start treating their employees better and not respond by raising prices or implementing stricter anti-piracy measures. Because when people pirate, companies take a detailed look at why they are pirating and then adjust their company policies accordingly.

  6. ah yes, better to just reward the C levels for abusing their staff by buying a shitty game

  7. if it's shitty it won't be hard to not play it or talk about it.

  8. How does the 'exclusive preorder invite' work? I changed my mind about preordering and want to give the link to a friend. Is that gonna work? Do they need my psn sign-in info or can I just forward the email to them?

  9. Sony sends a bunch of marketing stuff to whatever email you have tied to your PSN account. A lot of ppl probably opt out, but I like getting notifications when they're having flash sales and stuff. A while ago they sent emails asking if you want to be a part of some preorder raffle. So I guess they set aside some number of units to offer directly to existing PSN subscribers.

  10. So did you pick all that up or you just film it?

  11. So are you gonna pick up any litter or just ask other people if they picked it up?

  12. What I don't like about this article is that we have to take the developer at his word that his game is good and it's all the other titles that are cluttering the market.

  13. I wouldn’t be shocked if PETA was run by the meat industry to make vegans look like fucking brain dead idiots.

  14. It's not, but a lot of anti-PETA propaganda is started by meat or dairy industries and then it gets repeated by people who think they are being woke.

  15. Not all people willingly give them to peta’s shelters. Stray dogs didnt do anything wrong while living on the streets and yet they get forced into shelters. Also many people get animals taken away or when they lost their animal somewhere and they have posters everywhere but if the dog is wandering way too far they just capture the dog and put them into shelters while he could be perfectly found. Peta is forcing animals into their shelters and creating the lack of space themselves.

  16. Snopes looked into this and found two incidents where this happened.

  17. Happens all the time here in Canada too. My personal theory is that wide, straight roads encourage drivers to take their eyes off the road and not pay attention, but also to be entirely unaware of the dimensions of their own vehicle with respect to the world around them.

  18. In the US we all routinely go 5-10 over the speed limit and the engineers usually use a design speed that's higher than the posted speed limit. I was driving through the woods in Ireland on a vacation and saw a sign for the speed limit and I was like, 'yeah I'm not going that fast I'll die.'

  19. Why is gcj using the soyboy meme in a non-ironic way? :(

  20. Yeah that’s true, but the starting cost is what makes people turn away from starting altogether I imagine

  21. You buy last gen consoles on Craigslist for like $100 and get used games from GameStop for like, $5 a pop and borrow stuff from your friends. It's way cheaper than cars, guitars, taking trips, eating out, going to the movies, going to bars, going to shows.. like almost anything I can think of.

  22. Right, call me a neolib all you want. I'm not a neolib. And your refusal to address anything I've said makes me think you're a conservative trying to make leftists look bad more than anything else.

  23. way too many leftists operate under this delusion that if voter turnout drops low enough then our auth-right government is just gonna pack it up and leave.

  24. Libs: Black Lives Matter! Trump must go!

  25. Most Black Lives Matter-driven policy suggestions that I've seen are left of Democrats and Democrats are resistant to adopt them. I really don't understand where you got this idea that BLM is a political stunt to support democrats. You really think it's libs rallying under the banner of 'defund the police,' calling for the end of for-profit prisons and calling out state-sponsored violence?

  26. I'm not saying you're not affected by a glass ceiling, but that term applies specifically to racial and gender discrimination and your post suggests nothing about that. Glass ceiling doesn't mean your salary has plateaued or you're being underpaid for other reasons.

  27. Imagine thinking that politics is a linear spectrum dominated by Us vs Them.

  28. the illusion of a linear spectrum is perpetuated by people like you who reward someone for 'going outside the box' because they voted for a republican and a democrat. The left and right of American politics occupy a small portion of all possible political ideology. You obviously understand you very little of this if you think the only stance left of today's democrats is full-blown anarchocommunism.

  29. I'm gonna ignore the fact that you forgot to switch accounts to try and astro turf my comment and focus on the actual argument.

  30. About TLOU 2: I'm definitely in favor of making fun of homophobes right now, but this is a huge AAA title with a 96 on metacritic. After the dust settles the pendulum will swing and the gaming community circlejerk will latch onto some random sentimental icon to obsess about (like Giraffes) and I hope this sub is ready to move on and make fun of that. Because I really appreciate this sub for being left-leaning and on the side of social justice, but I also like it simply for providing some humor at the expense of what's mainstream. Some of you may be too young to remember this, but back in the day TLOU was pretty much the number 1 thing to make fun of here.

  31. Why is it necessary to wait a week? Other redditors have been able to draw comparisons. Yeah, other movements have lasted longer but if you look at other movements of similar size and motive you may be able to speculate what will happen in the coming weeks. In fact, the article you sourced even provides this kind of speculation (comparing it to Fort Lawton

  32. uj/ I really appreciate this guy taking the effort to put together a list of devs and content creators that I can respect and trust.

  33. Same with yacht dice and Yahtzee. The original creators played it on their yacht(la dee da lol) and then sold it to MB in exchange for a bunch of copies. That almost killed the game though because they gave it to all of their friends who had interest I. The game and sales struggled for MB in the beginning and the guy in charge of marketing came up with the idea of Yahtzee party nights to promote it. It’s an interesting story. I researched for an episode of a podcast I used to do

  34. what's the podcast? This sounds like something I'd be interested in.

  35. How come reposts aren't against the rules of this sub?

  36. This violates rule 10 because it has a watermark w/ the facebook page.

  37. it may have been considered political and was deleted. I guess I understand, but imo it's cuter to see an officer join the protest than the turtle repost which completely ignores the wrongdoing of police officers recently. It's pretty unfair of me to say you have to go back a year to see a humane cop but these posts really make me lose my head because they seem like a coverup.

  38. One important thing to remember is that

  39. What social deduction game do you think works best with remote play and do you have any tips for running it?

  40. Lol what are you talking about? I’m second player and you can do all of those things.

  41. They mean you can't do it at the same time with that 'call a friend' multiplayer option on your phone. Know what I mean?

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