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  1. His contract is symbolic of the whole problem, I would feature him as well. Like it or not, Saban earned his largesse, Jimbo really hasn't (yet). That said, A&M upsetting Alabama in Tuscaloosa would be delicious.

  2. I suppose so, but I also felt like his contract was the ultimate "see, we will give you plenty of time, and we will definitely not buy you out" move.

  3. I thought this was a good graphic

  4. you honestly wouldn't want to do that. go through whatever system they have, so it plays nice with the Spotify algorithm and gets you more eyeballs

  5. Is this where one would share stuff and then recommend it for specific occasions?

  6. I hate what fantasy football has done to football fandom.

  7. It's not just CFB. It's the World Series, the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, World Cup, the Olympics..

  8. I think the thing that has made nfl king is consistency, and scarcity.

  9. This is so cool, thanks for sharing! <3

  10. you should still try. But I once had a friend who basically didn't miss a kick in high school, and was the main kicker on 3 of the 4 state championship teams.

  11. regarding 0, I made it through the absolute torture that was most of Witcher 3, even the part where the guy keeps falling asleep.

  12. Is Yik Yak even a thing anymore? I remember it being big my freshman year (Fall 2014) and then dying off when they changed something.

  13. Any update on this? I am facing the same exact issue and don’t want to miss out on using the promote tool. Thanks.

  14. You may not like it but this is what peak NIL performance looks like.

  15. I understand it was a sample of Nat Gonella. He was a friend of my grandmother, I think I met him once

  16. I just did some digging: We’re both right Al Bowlly’s the singer (and leading the band) Nat Gonella was the trumpet player playing that solo.

  17. if doing all inclusive, I'd stay at the Finest up in Playa Mujeres. It's pretty far out of the hustle of Cancun, but you'll have plenty of excursions to choose from.

  18. And besides having multiple parties, how can it help the US when Canada, which is said to be more stable and democratic than the US, is getting the same problems like the US?

  19. Rcv should help stabilize a little bit, but until algorithm indoctrination through social media stops, polarization will continue.

  20. I don't think I thought we had a shot at bama since...maybe 2010? or 2015.

  21. The new Sol Messiah album has a murders row of features, plus he is a legendary producer who always kinda worked in the background

  22. Better yet (and I can't take credit, someone else commented this the other day), copy tennis even more closely and have the team that pulls second pull twice in a row, from opposite ends, and continue that pattern (switch pulling team after odd-numbered points). Also, don't allow teams to sub except after even-numbered points (when teams are switching sides). No more O-lines and D-lines, just ultimate players.

  23. I know you're joking, but I actually think that tennis-style "sets" could be interesting. Three games to 6, tennis scoring, best of three.

  24. we've actually done sets if our numbers are really low and we play mini.

  25. I just don't know why every time I look up from my computer I see Rattler throwing a pass 20 yards to the opposite sideline to a RB who gets clobbered after running 4 yards.

  26. I have a brilliant venture, stickers of Putin saying “I did this” to be placed atop the Biden stickers. The genius is they’ll fight and need replacements.

  27. while I realize presidents don't set the gas prices, I thought it was funny seeing those stickers once gas prices started to tank

  28. Honestly, because it was so in cohesive and had some big stinkers on it, the production on it kinda got missed.

  29. Yeah I don't see this as some kind of desperate hire: it's hiring a Hall of Fame coach with the best career winning % since the Korean War, only 4 years removed from a 7 year run where he lost a whopping 6 regular season games.

  30. There has to be a formula to determine the half life of a coaching scandal

  31. It is inversely related to the level of success of that coach

  32. Yes. Add in success, and they can be annointed with “changed man” status.

  33. Thanks for the recommendation but I tried the sm7b and didn’t like it (like really didn’t like it, I don’t get why it’s so popular). Also I actually have an re20 already, someone else recommended it but its not really a good mic for music.

  34. I prefer an outboard pre amp, but if you aren’t getting a good flat rap vocal response that you like out of an re20, then you may need to look somewhere in your mixing or gear setting. Re20 is fantastic mic that is in every studio I’ve ever worked in, especially for rapping. Feel free to send a link to some of your results with these mics

  35. If they want to be in their own bed then maybe they chose the wrong line of work. You’ve got 6-7 out of town games a year, and everybody knows the nature of that business.

  36. I’d gladly trade 7 nights of sleep in my own bed per year to receive 7 nights of good sleep in a hotel room after a hard game

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