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  1. I appreciate it. I got a copy paste response clarifying their policy, but I gave a quick reply pleading for a one time exception. It was genuinely a drunken mistake!

  2. It's honestly silly how convoluted they make it to give them money sometimes

  3. What happened with the release pace of updates for Star Citizen? I've been following on and off the game for a while, but I've recently looked at the update history and found out they only pushed one major update for the entirety of 2022, did they officially drop the quarterly releases?

  4. They still did 4 releases (or more?) they just didn't increment the major version... Big structural changes going in (it also means 3.18 is getting a couple of extra patches worth of extra content, most of which was blocked by the core feature of 3.18

  5. I imagine those mechanics will be more fleshed out once we have features like

  6. From the sound of it, we're supposed to get a commodity rebalance with persistent hangars and freight elevators... Should be before resource management probably, but quantum probably won't have a single big drop-in... It already manages fuel and repair cost allegedly

  7. OP’s post is in the context of “in the real world”. In that scenario, assuming more risk pays better. than alternatives.

  8. I think the point is... You lose one run to pirates or just outright bugs, and it'll still take you 10-20 more trips just to break even... Meanwhile, there's almost no chance you don't lose one of THOSE loads to bugs or pirates, then you need 20-40 total loads to break even, then the cycle continues

  9. I might just take up a junior role on something because its that or bug reporting

  10. They're not gone and you can still use them coming in... Just not leaving unless you left a ship there (and it survived more than a few minutes somehow)

  11. So they are deactivated and you won't be impounded?

  12. yea, i think so... I think all they did was make ATC stop directing you to them (or letting you spawn ships on them)

  13. like everyone else says... cover bills and family necessity first, consider working towards stuff in-game, but if you have the money to spare... why not support the project. (just also know, any concepts you buy have no promised delivery timeline... you'll get em when CIG feels like it and no sooner... don't expect otherwise or feel entitled to faster development because you bought more ships, it'll only make you sad and angry)

  14. Most people are fine with PvP... when they want to PvP.

  15. More bullshit. There's a series of people that literally base their lives around spreading false info about CIG. Most famously a couple of years back a reporter released a "damning exposé" based on interviews with "current CIG employees" as verified by them showing their CIG employee ID card.

  16. Fyi, the architecture firm building it out says they're just sharing the building... Imagine... two whole companies in one building...

  17. Probably some armchair stalker/conspiracy nutter looked up an outdated business directory and didn't see CIG listed as occupant yet... Or realize buildings can host more than one company, or be owned by one and rented to another.... and spun a narrative to help them feel scammed

  18. The pose and the picture taken is so natural

  19. Not a very deep gene pool though... One day the character customization will stick reliably and have a bit more variety

  20. Has been for the past few years... The patch in ptu now is a huge though... Maybe wait another few weeks to a month?

  21. Afaik you can't sell out of a ship you don't own so a stolen Reclaimer or Vulture won't help much.

  22. But you can sell the contents if you were to park it somewhere, or go dupm the salvage at a known location and pick it back up in a cargo ship

  23. Well then... I'm calling it... 4.1 on april fools 2024... (too bad dates aren't 0-indexed because it's probably closer to the real 4.0 release date than to 4.1)

  24. Go do some deliveries (there's a reputation system if you check mobiglas, after you do the intro one you get some new types, if you do a bunch of those you get even more, more profitable delivery missions... Same as with combat missions)

  25. I guess this is what I'm probably looking for. What would happen if I need to refuel and I'm at crime stat 3? Would I be screwed?

  26. No, you just go to one of the above mentioned outposts... Pretty much any of the ones with pads... Most mining stations, no data centers, farms, drug labs... I don't think the aide shelters have pads.

  27. A.) bugs B.) parked wrong and impounded? Should list as impounded not, destroyed though... C.) you left the ship open and/or another player destroyed it somehow?

  28. Oh, i meant like left a ramp... Haven't spent much time in an aurora, I'm guessing the door closes after you? If not make sure you close it

  29. Well, that's basically set dressing around the passenger transport missions they're already working on... But I just want any reason to go to the various unused sections... Allys, industrial areas, even the hip club section of new babbage

  30. It'd be cool for Dead Space fans but a) it doesn't exactly fit in with SC's visual aesthetics so it'd stick out like a sore thumb, and b) the licensing fees to legally use it would be stupid. The same with the notion of inserting any existing scifi property ship in the game.

  31. It's kinda goofy design, but to me it looks like a caterpillar with a ribcage plus a smaller version of the hurston dynamics building jammed on the end, and add some crane booms for legs

  32. Well if you're offering to pay the completely inconsequential licensing fees, that might start to look interesting to them.

  33. Don't get watching somebody else play a game. Can't wait for that trend to slip away

  34. Why do you care what other people do for fun? Nobody's forcing you to, so don't yuck other people's yum

  35. It's a poll which I answered and gave my 2 cents. But one could ask you why do you care what other people think 🤔?

  36. I care because you're apparently part of a community that I am as well, but for some reason just not liking something isn't enough for you, you don't want anyone else to enjoy it either... And that sort of negativity doesn't really improve the community...

  37. Various states have something similar for excess taxes collected on a specific item like cannabis sales, or money made from oils (sales? Tax? Idk how the oil ones work)

  38. There would of been more testers and bug reporters thats for sure.

  39. A lot more lower quality bug reports sounds like a terrible goal

  40. So anyone thats not evo cant submit a decent bug report? Thats what yoir saying?

  41. while the results look loaded towards s42... 1955 are Im truly only here for SC, SQ42 is a waste of time and money, or No care just curious... 3361 if you include I’ll give SQ42 a try and Bought SQ42 but indifferent... vs 2.7k wholeheartedly for...

  42. At least persistence is working... Too bad you mostly persistent in your starting city

  43. They can knock together a planet to rough spec pretty quickly theses days... They ARE tooling up to pump out systems eventually, but especially when they only need to check a few square kilometers closely, and maybe a few hundred more that need to look ok from maximum draw distance but not much closer

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