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  1. The language is not Russian, it's a language of Mari people. They live in Mari El republic which is a part of Russian Federation, and in other parts of Russia too. The text is saying something like "I am Mari"

  2. Interesting. I remember her being from Yoshkar-Ola. Is it a subset of Russian or its own unique language?

  3. Yeah, Yoshkar-Ola is a capital of Mari Republic. It's a completely different language from a different language family, it's not related to Russian and even nor to any Indo-European language, it's from Finno-Ugric language family

  4. Huh. So I suppose she just said she spoke Russian to avoid having to explain that to Americans. Thanks for the insight!

  5. Your pc memory likely, I'm using GTX1070 with high quality in game graphics without issues

  6. I just had my PC undergo a Windows Memory Diagnostic. No memory problems detected.

  7. It's a brand new PC. How could I diagnose that or fix it?

  8. I think some crashes are due to the dpi scaling in the game vs what you have set in windows. I had major issues going in and out of the game while it was running, and the problem really seemed like it was due to dpi switching.

  9. The devs put out a blog saying that alt+tabbing out while in full screen led to a lot of crashes. Mine have all been while in battle, no real warning.

  10. Budget? And are you sticking with a laptop or are you moving on to a desktop?

  11. Desktop, and budget is obviously as cost-effective as possible, but around $1500.

  12. I think it’s a 3.5” lift and the sized up the tires a bit too much. Looks off center in the back.

  13. Please know that I am saying this as gently as I know how. How much time do you spend with your bird? Whatever it is, now is the time to spend even more. Keep an eye on him/her until you know the answer to your question. If you can’t be there, find someone who can. Plucking is like cutting in humans. If it turns out it is weird molting, you’ve lost a few hours. If it is plucking, you need to start an intervention now, before the ‘habit’ (which isn’t a strong enough word. Compulsion? ) becomes fixed and you have a self-mutilating bird for the next 70+ years of his/her life. Please. For your bird. You probably know all of this, but now you have a voice outside your head, agreeing with the one inside your head that told you to notice this.

  14. It’s a possibly nervous bird, not a suicidal teenager. Chill

  15. I’m personally just not a fan of the fundamentals of the game, not the lack of content. I guess I wanted it to be like L4D3 but it just doesn’t have the same charm. Really disappointed but I’m glad the beta let me discover that before dropping $60 on the game.

  16. I was really a fan of the unique guardians and guardian platforms. Was really cool showing off in multiplayer matches some rare ones like the weaponwright, or even just their quirky lines like the Cook had. 2 basic guardians only available in a fraction of the maps just seems dull

  17. It’s the same logic of chasing after an Octane and screaming OP when you can’t catch them… People play into an opponent’s strength but it certainly can’t be their misplay as to why they lost the fight.

  18. Yep, cause when you’re pinned you can shoot any slinger ammo that staggers to cancel his pummel.

  19. The only person I know to have gotten it is senor spicy and he got it from the second chance chest. I just want to know if you can get it without hitting the chest since there doesn't appear to be a boss chest after you beat him

  20. You can get it without a second chance chest. The second chance chest is only another random roll of his loot pool, basically getting 2 chances of a drop for 1 fight.

  21. Why is fire toad good? I mean if is that good, I could farm there too.

  22. It’s not necessarily good, just a cool looking and rare pet. You can also make some pretty awesome hybrids with it.

  23. Someone else PMed me and I got it on my third try, thanks though!

  24. Petrov should have been court-martialed for his negligence as his job was to pass the information up the chain of command which he elected not to do so. It wasn't his call to make, and the sensor error would certainly have been caught if sent to those with the proper authority to investigate. Historically inaccurate meme.

  25. There wouldn’t have been an investigation. He knew that if any higher ups thought that a missile could’ve been headed their way, they would’ve retaliated without much thought.

  26. If you respect Reznor so much maybe next time take the time to do the two-second google search as to who wrote the song.

  27. What's a disrupter round? First time I heard it

  28. It was an attachment in season 2 for the alternator and re-45 that heavily increased the damage they did to shields. Alternator could 3-4 shot purple/gold shields at any range. Very exploitable.

  29. Yeah I would say so. I don’t think there’s a modern American culture that broods murder. I think it just unfortunately happens

  30. I think statistically no because there’s a clear difference between that and other demographics. The “why” is still unclear, however

  31. Tbf you didn’t really do much that any other character couldn’t have done, other than the death totem play that netted you ~30 damage. He’s a fun character, amazing ability to silence others

  32. Weird. I don’t remember Asians being systemically enslaved in America or any Jim Crow-esque laws discriminating against Asians the same way the black people were historically discriminated against. It’s almost like 400+ years of relentless historical discrimination has lead to a widespread racial disparity in socioeconomic status that makes black people more likely to be poor, and therefore more likely to commit crimes and remain incarcerated due to inability to pay bail. Combine this with racial profiling in the police force and the war on drugs, and we’ve got mass incarceration of blacks people with no policies that actually address the root of crime.

  33. “My ancestors were treated worse than your ancestors, therefore me robbing you is not entirely my fault”

  34. They all look shitty asf, even shittier irl

  35. Knowing I have lived within 30 minutes of this idol all my life is astounding. I even remember when the pepper spray incident happened (Fashion Square Mall, Charlottesville)

  36. This one boggles my mind the most honestly. I asked someone to their face how they want to defund the police because they don’t protect us while also saying we don’t need guns because the police will protect us. I think I broke them because I got no response only and angry look?

  37. Their belief is likely that defunding the police and allocating funds elsewhere will prevent crime at the source, therefore also reducing the needs for guns.

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