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making watermelon popsicles

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  1. yes but i play on my bed and my tv is on the other side of the room- i dont have one that long

  2. You don’t have to have it plugged into the console to charge. You can plug it into your cell phone charging cube and use that :) I assume your phone charger is by your bed. Convenience!

  3. I sympathize. I bought a dieffenbachia on clearance bc it had 5 leaves and when I got it home it dropped three of them. It kept growing new ones but they would shrivel up and fall off. Then it got spider mites. After 3 or 4 months the demon is finally settling down and filling out with new leaves and she’s starting to look great. Even my calathea has given me less issues lol

  4. They had me till they broke out the m&ms. Nutella and strawberries is a delicious combo, plus this pastry thing...could have been awesome. Then they trashed it up with candy. Now I'm hungry and sad.

  5. I agree. Should have use nuts or shaved chocolate or another fruit. Coconut or caramel. Why M&Ms 🥲

  6. He added sweetened condensed milk or cream and sugar to the juice

  7. I was also thinking it was monstrea but didn't wanna get my hopes up too high lol. I read somewhere that a lot of split leaf pilodendrons in box stores are actually monstreas but I didn't think I'd find that to be the case at a nursery

  8. I work at a box store. Every monstera Costa Farms sends us are tagged as philodendrons. Kind of silly

  9. This video gave me anxiety. I wish people would stop leaving their small pets next to their bigger pets

  10. "Normally, earthworms aren’t harmful to plants. On the contrary, they’re beneficial, aerating the soil through their tunnels and enriching it with their castings. But in pots, their main food, the organic matter normally present in soil, isn’t very abundant, especially since most potting soils are largely composed of peat or coir (coco fiber), two materials slow to decompose and mineral-poor offering almost nothing that an earthworm can consume. Under those circumstances, the worms begin to eat the young roots of the plant growing in the pot and that can, of course, hinder its growth, even possibly kill it."

  11. You can always depot the plant and remove the worms if you’re really worried about it! I’ve only had plants for about a year so I haven’t had any worms yet but it sounds gross :(

  12. If you want to dry it out you can take the plant and soil and all out of the pot and plop it in some towels and let them absorb the water from the soil. You’ll need a lot of towels. And they’ll get dirty obviously

  13. It’s safe to eat. The blooming is just fats that settled to the surface after improper temperatures

  14. I’m not an expert but I can’t imagine this will live long if it’s producing all white leaves from the rip :/ it needs some Green to make chlorophyll. I hope I’m wrong though!!

  15. That’s my second fav flavor after melon. I love the nuka cola color

  16. Sauce. now. I'm not asking for a friend I know what I want to do

  17. So I met my girl through Destiny. Opposite sides of the world and we still found each other. She is perfect, don’t worry they’re out there.

  18. I met my husband through destiny!! Been married 4 years almost. Crazy how Destiny can do that lol

  19. How does all spiders know how to make a web the exact same way? Do they have a web school system?

  20. They don’t! A black widow web is completely different from an orb weaver web. Orb weavers (like the one in the vid) build really pretty, intricately structured webs in tighter circles with designs. Widows just kind of make sticky lines going every which way.

  21. But as you say, a black widow makes a certain web, and the orb weaver makes another. What about 10 000 orb weavers? Do they make the same web?

  22. Nope! Well, sort of. Spiders in the same species will build similarly structured webs. But there’s different species of orb weavers that, while making the characteristic circular webs, they have unique properties to them, like extra webbing making a cross section through the middle or a part of the web that’s missing. Some will have zig-zag patterns and others will just do the round shape.

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