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  1. Do it yourself and post your results. If you can't keep a civil tongue then you may be removed from the subreddit.

  2. You're power tripping if you say I can't keep it civil. You insulted me right off the bat

  3. Like I said. Keep a civil tongue. If you disagree so much then draft your own work, I welcome it. Apparently humor escapes you if you think I was insulting you, which I did not.

  4. What is the joke then? You insulted me because you're upset and you know it. Poor you

  5. You know dirty bongs can harbor streptococcus bacteria? Strep throat fucking SUCKS!!!!!

  6. this is the coolest thing ever! what is the mesh/filter material?

  7. Is that a homemade dry sifter? How did you make it? I was thinking of making one using a rotisserie motor but the devil is in the details

  8. It’s a mircon bubble hash bag (available on Amazon) around a 5 gallon bucket frame (panels cut into it with sheet metal cutters or jig saw) connected to a rotisserie motor

  9. Thanks for sharing, what's the tool your using to separate the trichome from trim.

  10. It’s a micron bubble hash bag around a bucket frame connected to a rotisserie motor

  11. I’m first grow still, do you let the extra dry completely, freeze then sift?

  12. What was that plastic rolling thing before the dust you scraped up?

  13. Call a repair man it's not safe. It's probably not a filter

  14. So sourcing info is just copy/pasting my way through life? I grow and produce hash to press from my mugs and trim. Been doing it for a decade or so. What’s your experience exactly?

  15. Hash is abbreviation of the word hashish. Hashish is made from compressing trichomes. It’s not an “umbrella term”

  16. Oxidation of the copper which is also why the statue of liberty is green.

  17. If I didn’t turn the power off I would be electrocuted if a breaker tripped right? Also I am changing my water softener so I would be fine if I was working on this pipe with the power on? (this is the main water pipe)

  18. It will smell good and get you a good high but there won’t be much weight. You need to get a better light or a second one if you wanna get into growing . I can tell because the nugs are cattailing you can google it for more info

  19. Ya I’m also not 100% on how good the genetics are I got the seeds from a friend who accidentally let a male pollenate his crop

  20. My male plant was removed yesterday it has not started to pollenate yet

  21. Man I really want one of these, but I just can't justify the price.

  22. I bought because it was on sale and I was getting CERB but I agree way too expensive

  23. Pro tip. Invest in higher density parchment paper. The regular stuff is ok, but it can have some loss from bleed through.

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