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  1. Please add context so people unstanf why your turtle is in a bucket. There are a million ways this cloud end in disaster, and right now this post just looks like a cute turtle pic...

  2. This is 10 times better, I vote for this, not the last one

  3. They didn’t play those years cause of alleged match fixing

  4. funny how the subreddit picture is of shaheen and this post wants azam khan as the new picture when theres hardly any discussion on pakistani cricket here

  5. It’s Elon musk, of course he’ll want to leave.

  6. Lol how ironic, guess I can't read. Thought you'd asked what is and not where is sorry

  7. The head is pale, suggesting that's it doesn't have enough uv light.

  8. It's hard to tell if it's the camera, but as long you provide the adequate lighting and replace the lights after they are worn out then you should be good

  9. Why are the cars I want to buy when I’m 25 getting discontinued, why, I have no purpose in life now

  10. Nice! Some booty pics of the RS3 wouldn’t hurt also 🤤

  11. That's the smallest one I've ever seen, like 0.1 gallon's worth of water?

  12. I wholeheartedly recommend the stick for controls alone and I assume the sound will be better given how much newer they are (I've not used a working pair of normal airpods) especially if you don't have an Apple device

  13. I am all apple atm, I don’t have the Apple Watch or the AirPods

  14. HE DIDNT PUT THE BLACK EYE EMOJI, rift confirmed

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