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  1. Ha I just logged in to check after on and off hiatus and I just barely got gold on mine too for today's ppl.

  2. It was long battle and many contenders along the way, but the woz ringtone finally comes to an end....

  3. Yup. Annual Eikiden (Relay Running). Golfdom is in early june

  4. Underrated comment for an underrated book

  5. I feel like we need more yellow / blue switches. Maybe like a yellow house/ blue stem.

  6. I wouldn't call cookies my favorite dessert, more like an addiction.

  7. It's nice getting a lot of parts for myself to one day pawn them off to a friend. Building my friend his very first one tomorrow!

  8. Dogsitting for my friend and he is so doing so well being a good watch buddy.

  9. The meteor driver is crazy underrated. I love the spinning globe and 70s disco style stand by theme.

  10. The first driver I ever purchased, and still my all time favorite

  11. I am throwing money at the screen and nothing is happening.

  12. Recently went to Vegas and we did Mirage (comp) / Tropicana / ParkMGM (comp). The Mirage was packed and had the longest line at the MGMRewards counter. Park MGM was just as packed but alot nicer. I love the rooms in both but I have to give ParkMGM the W on this one. Plus they don't have those sensored convince snacks that make me have to be careful not to bump haha. Plus their pool is nice and will allow you go to MGM Grand Pool as well

  13. That part where his house is on fire asking him "why SpongeBob?! Why didn't you just write your essay?!" was basically the most relatable feeling of all time.

  14. This was the most quoted line for me this week. Any time I ask why it is always followed up with "WHY DIDNT YOU JUST WRITE YOUR ESSAY?!?"

  15. I have the same problem on my S10e. Also does anybody else get this really strange input lag if they use their phone while charging? Everytime I type messages while my phone charges the touches simply take like half a second to register

  16. I just started to have this same problem on me 10e until I factory reset and it bricked itself. Glad i am not the only one

  17. Even if I don't win I'm still gonna order one

  18. Tamaki getting punched is a Gundam reference

  19. I knew those words resonated with me. Don't remember Tamakis father much so it did seem off

  20. Gmk olivia is just a single set designed by olivia. Even though these keycaps aren’t gmk, they aren’t really a clone because Olivia gave her approval for this specific project.

  21. Similar to PBT Taro. While not GMK, it's still an original approved set from the original designer.

  22. You comment made me aware of the beauty that is PBT Taro, I'm gonna buy one with the upcoming restock, thank you!

  23. Your welcome! Got myself a set to and it's damn near gmk, minus pbt faults. But it's amazing nonetheless

  24. Actually thought this was the Kamen rider subreddit. Love seeing some Gundam X KR posts

  25. Deep dive has to be my favorite cinematic. I still will constantly play it. The music, the quality, the action......

  26. 1 main reason I have the ginga watch

  27. Still my main ringtone to this day. Driver is forever displayed with Ginga

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