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  1. I'm just glad you're safe now. It could ended terribly different. Ok, the fact he's hiding stuff from you is a red flag (to say the least; he's whole existence in your life is a red flag but I'll leave it for now), the reason is, that he probably in contact with other girls (as these guys are in the fishing business trying to lure young girls) so from his pov if you'll discover how deep the rabbit hole goes you'll probably ditched him on the spot. Now, think about what you've just mentioned, about the fact he didn't have any other serious relationships before. The only situation he can gather enough confidence is with much younger girls so at least his life experience will benefit for him to take advantage of you or other girls. I won't be surprised if he have a criminal record. (Try to run his name (if he gave ya his real name) on Google. The not so positive feeling you have is your intuition trying to tell you to end it with him, for good. Please stay safe and don't risk yourself whenever you feel bored, it's not worth it. 💛

  2. The coast guard: hey Jerry, when it'll be real we won't be here you moron"

  3. Some WWII ("apocalypse" of national geographic preferable) documentary to Hitler.. i just wonder how would he react..

  4. He barely can hold himself to admit that he did it.. it seems he knows what could happen if he does, but sometimes he just can't hold it. this mofo should be locked for life cuz the probability of hurting other children is too damn high..

  5. No, I think battery or assault in this case. If the lady died (I’m glad she didn’t), probably manslaughter.

  6. But she kicked her while she was fully known the victim might fall of the her death basically if the timing was wrong.. what she could say in her defence after that kung fu Bruce Lee Chuck Norris kick? "I have faulty reflexes"?

  7. Look up what attempted murder actually is.

  8. Why'd they shoot him after they got what they wanted? Cold blooded murderers like that belong in prison for a long, long time.

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