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Robert Francis 'Beto' O'Rourke interrupts Gov. Abbott's press conference to confront him over school massacre

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  1. This sub keeps getting recommended to me even though I tell it to fuck off. Musk (whose nickname should be Muskrat) is a piece of shit but subs completely devoted to hating someone just get so tribal and toxic.

  2. Maybe you should start a new sub. /rEnoughEnoughMuskSpamSpam

  3. Maybe you should start a new sub.

  4. Not just random lines. The lines must be drawn to divide cultures and force different warring factions to be combined, which in turn foments instability and sets the stage for genocide.

  5. So, I'm imagining a line that extends from the center of portugal to northeast italy, then down straight through vatican city to the coast to designate one region.

  6. You know I’m something of a colonialist myself.

  7. Conan also made a lot of his persona around what an “awful” boss he is, which only works because you can clearly tell that everyone actually loves him and he’s good to them. Ellen’s whole vibe was the opposite.

  8. I do think there is some truth to the character he portrays. He does have vanity issues, he is a hardcore perfectionist, he does use sarcasm as a defense mechanism. You can see all of it in the Can’t Stop documentary. But he is also clearly aware of it and uses humor to knock himself down and he clearly keeps it in check enough to where he is able to be kind to all the people around him.

  9. Yeah, you can see that he’s not necessarily “easy” to work for, but that he’s not a bad guy. There’s a difference between being neurotic and being an asshole.

  10. idiots or not, their existance disproves your claim.

  11. Hang on, no it doesn’t. The claim is that some of them are fake. Not that all of them are fake. Who would be arguing that all of them are fake? That’s never the case.

  12. I think you’re not arguing with the best possible form of the argument.

  13. I mean, I hate Elon musk, but this is a good (and not at all original) idea. Personal liability insurance in Europe is higher for gun owners. I don’t know if it works, but financial incentives do have the potential to reduce gun purchases.

  14. Sure, but if life in prison or the death sentence won't do anything to deter a mass shooter... what makes you think that a high premium or a high deductible policy will?

  15. Well, punishments are something that happens in the future. A payment for an insurance premium is something that happens now. If the object is to give people reasons not to buy guns, making it expensive is very effective.

  16. If they can read your code, they can replace you. That's why I only program in Minecraft Redstone.

  17. Heh. I have a friend with this attitude. He has built out the payments processing system for a smaller telco provider, with a decade of undocumented code. He literally can’t be replaced. Makes mid six figures and can work from home 2 hours a day.

  18. Is 'mid six figures' like $500k or more like $150k?

  19. Closer to 500. I’ve never met a better paid developer. I understand salaries in that range do exist in banking and telco though.

  20. Going by what was written, no. Nothing that can be described as bullying. It's a myth, one was a straight up psychopath and the other a suicidal, depressed self loathing hothead, neither were bullied.

  21. Ok. I don’t know much about the story.

  22. Don't apologize. Homophones are offal ;)

  23. But 1 NFT = ∞ lols. As some things are not expressible in math.

  24. You know of imaginary numbers, imaginary money, and now there is imaginary lols.

  25. Yes, swat teams in schools will definitely solve it.

  26. Securities litigator here: probably not but I’m not sure. If Tesla was purchasing Twitter, absolutely, but it’s Musk as an individual so a derivative suit probably wouldn’t work. As far as a private individual suing a private individual, I don’t think you could do that successfully. Intuitively it would turn into a line-drawing exercise, because you have to draw the line somewhere or else there could be litigation whenever someone sells below market price. That’s not a workable standard even if there’s merits to the claim, and I’m not sure there is; he’s entitled to borrow against his stock. But I have done zero research to confirm this and have never worked on a similar case, this is just my gut reaction.

  27. It’s a Twitter investor suing him, not a Tesla investor.

  28. My dream scenario: he is forced to sell Tesla shares to fund the deal, then the SEC bans him from serving on the board, and Twitter fires him. I will laugh for a month.

  29. So what would be the wise thing to do and invest in?

  30. Feel like your list pretty closely aligns with Buffet holdings. Old fuck might still know what he’s doin

  31. If it does, it does because I think in much the same way. I haven’t actually been following what he says. But buffet is a value investor, and at heart so am I. If you look at where money is going to have to be spent in the future, there you will find things to invest in.

  32. Because King Dunning Kruger has to think of a better way to do absolutely everything. That's how he got his throne.

  33. I’ve sat in on pitches from people like Vitalik. They are like college educated 9 year olds. They think that the thoughts blazing through their brains are the first time anyone in history has ever had those thoughts, and that once they’ve thought something, the self-evident absolute inevitability of that idea is so obvious that you’re a fool and a barbarian if you don’t instantly subscribe to it.

  34. I believe every word of that. All that matters is does money follow them around. And vitty has a couple billion circling him at all times. He's a goldmine. He's not trying to convince people, they're trying to convince him.

  35. That’s a very good way of putting it.

  36. yeah it's a render based on a patent image of Apple's ongoing desire to build a car...

  37. I mean.. I don’t get it on the one hand, but on the other, sometimes apple’s design decisions make no sense, and sometimes they’re utterly brilliant.

  38. I don’t even understand why hyperlooop would be needed, what’s wrong with maglev or tgv technology and speed?

  39. The appeal is that they claim Hyperloop technology would be about double the speed of the current fastest high speed rail/maglev.

  40. Sure, but then we can just say matter teleportation is appealing because it’s even faster. A fantasy technology that will never exist can be anything you want.

  41. Nothing. Which is why hyperloop makes no sense. The supposed benefits of the vacuum are minuscule compared to the difficulties it presents.

  42. Would pick a meet up spot. Sometimes you would be waiting awhile for the really fucked up guy. Other times it would be easy to find them. Was walking out of a show mid 90s with a friend to the meet spot to find the others. Could see a guy in the distance naked and running on top of cars in the lot. As we got closer "Dude, that looks like Jay." "Nah, can't be. He didn't eat that many shrooms. " ....a bit closer "OH shit, that's Jay!"

  43. Sometimes you just wouldn’t find the person. It wasn’t all bad.

  44. And they have the gall to call him an embarrassment.

  45. I am confused. Why number no up? Is this good for bitcoin?

  46. This is actually a rare chart symbol and it's nothing to mess with. Real heads will see this is a Quad Inverted Dutchman followed immediately by a Trailing Bambi. Rumored to not be possible due to Market Forces aka The Invisible Hand, this chart is only visible on Google Finance after zooming all the way in at exactly midnight during a full moon.

  47. You can see on the right shoulder that you’ve got a dripping candle, which is inverted from the rolling average, times pi, that’s if you’re talking Turkish school. If you’re more of a Portuguese Classicist like myself, you’ll note the depolarized trailing indicators are the inverse square of the theta decay.

  48. Am Jewish. Can confirm. Only ever been called a dirty jew by white Christians.

  49. Who in the 21st century has time for anti-semitism? It’s just so weird.

  50. Which is why he failed at being a writer, actor comedian and became a right wing piece of shit , just like crowder, rubin, etc

  51. What tells me there was definitely misconduct beyond a reasonable doubt is the fact he has paid her off and, for the most part, doesn't talk about it much (at least relative to his daily/weekly tweet volume).

  52. Guess his lawyers told him to be quiet. See, he was vocal with lying about the Emerald Mine because he will not be convicted for it (different country and all).

  53. Musk doesn’t listen to lawyers. You can say one thing for him, he’s consistent. In this case, he’s guilty, and he’s doing exactly what one would expect a guilty person to do.

  54. Yep. If he hadn’t done it, he’d be shouting it to the mountaintops. He did this.

  55. This is wonderful! It even looks balanced and healthy.

  56. Eh, it’s honestly not great from a health perspective, but if the OP has extra money now for fresh veggies and fruits, and can bulk it out with this stuff, that’s better than nothing for sure.

  57. My former employer tried getting me hooked up with food stamps because her sister in law worked there, and when she found out I wasn’t eligible for them because I made 10 dollars too much, she offered to cut my wage. Fun times.

  58. They've been putting guards and security at a lot of schools for a long time. So far they have stopped zero shootings but have managed to arrest, harrass, and expel a ton of poc kids.

  59. Funny how that’s always the result isn’t it?

  60. Thurston High School. Columbine High School. Heritage High School. Deming Middle School. Fort Gibson Middle School. Buell Elementary School. Lake Worth Middle School. University of Arkansas. Junipero Serra High School. Santana High School. Bishop Neumann High School. Pacific Lutheran University. Granite Hills High School. Lew Wallace High School. Martin Luther King, Jr. High School. Appalachian School of Law. Washington High School. Conception Abbey. Benjamin Tasker Middle School. University of Arizona. Lincoln High School. John McDonogh High School. Red Lion Area Junior High School. Case Western Reserve University. Rocori High School. Ballou High School. Randallstown High School. Bowen High School. Red Lake Senior High School. Harlan Community Academy High School. Campbell County High School. Milwee Middle School. Roseburg High School. Pine Middle School. Essex Elementary School. Duquesne University. Platte Canyon High School. Weston High School. West Nickel Mines School. Joplin Memorial Middle School. Henry Foss High School. Compton Centennial High School. Virginia Tech. Success Tech Academy. Miami Carol City Senior High School. Hamilton High School. Louisiana Technical College. Mitchell High School. E.O. Green Junior High School. Northern Illinois University. Lakota Middle School. Knoxville Central High School. Willoughby South High School. Henry Ford High School. University of Central Arkansas. Dillard High School. Dunbar High School. Hampton University. Harvard College. Larose-Cut Off Middle School. International Studies Academy. Skyline College. Discovery Middle School. University of Alabama. DeKalb School. Deer Creek Middle School. Ohio State University. Mumford High School. University of Texas. Kelly Elementary School. Marinette High School. Aurora Central High School. Millard South High School. Martinsville West Middle School. Worthing High School. Millard South High School. Highlands Intermediate School. Cape Fear High School. Chardon High School. Episcopal School of Jacksonville. Oikos University. Hamilton High School. Perry Hall School. Normal Community High School. University of South Alabama. Banner Academy South. University of Southern California. Sandy Hook Elementary School. Apostolic Revival Center Christian School. Taft Union High School. Osborn High School. Stevens Institute of Business and Arts. Hazard Community and Technical College. Chicago State University. Lone Star College-North. Cesar Chavez High School. Price Middle School. University of Central Florida. New River Community College. Grambling State University. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ossie Ware Mitchell Middle School. Ronald E. McNair Discovery Academy. North Panola High School. Carver High School. Agape Christian Academy. Sparks Middle School. North Carolina A&T State University. Stephenson High School. Brashear High School. West Orange High School. Arapahoe High School. Edison High School. Liberty Technology Magnet High School. Hillhouse High School. Berrendo Middle School. Purdue University. South Carolina State University. Los Angeles Valley College. Charles F. Brush High School. University of Southern California. Georgia Regents University. Academy of Knowledge Preschool. Benjamin Banneker High School. D. H. Conley High School. East English Village Preparatory Academy. Paine College. Georgia Gwinnett College. John F. Kennedy High School. Seattle Pacific University. Reynolds High School. Indiana State University. Albemarle High School. Fern Creek Traditional High School. Langston Hughes High School. Marysville Pilchuck High School. Florida State University. Miami Carol City High School. Rogers State University. Rosemary Anderson High School. Wisconsin Lutheran High School. Frederick High School. Tenaya Middle School. Bethune-Cookman University. Pershing Elementary School. Wayne Community College. J.B. Martin Middle School. Southwestern Classical Academy. Savannah State University. Harrisburg High School. Umpqua Community College. Northern Arizona University. Texas Southern University. Tennessee State University. Winston-Salem State University. Mojave High School. Lawrence Central High School. Franklin High School. Muskegon Heights High School. Independence High School. Madison High School. Antigo High School. University of California-Los Angeles. Jeremiah Burke High School. Alpine High School. Townville Elementary School. Vigor High School. Linden McKinley STEM Academy. June Jordan High School for Equity. Union Middle School. Mueller Park Junior High School. West Liberty-Salem High School. University of Washington. King City High School. North Park Elementary School. North Lake College. Freeman High School. Mattoon High School. Rancho Tehama Elementary School. Aztec High School. Wake Forest University. Italy High School. NET Charter High School. Marshall County High School. Sal Castro Middle School. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Great Mills High School Central Michigan University Huffman High School Frederick Douglass High School Forest High School Highland High School Dixon High School Santa Fe High School Noblesville West Middle School University of North Carolina Charlotte STEM School Highlands Ranch Edgewood High School Palm Beach Central High School Providence Career & Technical Academy Fairley High School (school bus) Canyon Springs High School Dennis Intermediate School Florida International University Central Elementary School Cascade Middle School Davidson High School Prairie View A & M University Altascocita High School Central Academy of Excellence Cleveland High School Robert E. Lee High School Cheyenne South High School Grambling State University Blountsville Elementary School Holmes County, Mississippi (school bus) Prescott High School College of the Mainland Wynbrooke Elementary School UNC Charlotte Riverview Florida (school bus) Second Chance High School Carman-Ainsworth High School Williwaw Elementary School Monroe Clark Middle School Central Catholic High School Jeanette High School Eastern Hills High School DeAnza High School Ridgway High School Reginald F. Lewis High School Saugus High School Pleasantville High School Waukesha South High School Oshkosh High School Catholic Academy of New Haven Bellaire High School North Crowley High School McAuliffe Elementary School South Oak Cliff High School Texas A&M University-Commerce Sonora High School Western Illinois University Oxford High School Robb Elementary School

  61. WTF I just saw my own high school on this list.

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