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  1. I love the Horween ID stamp being utilized. It looks great, I want to do the same once I get to the level of leatherwork where I feel confident that I won't waste it. Nice work

  2. Trust me I’m not at a super high level of leatherworking, Cordovan is a nice finished leather and it does all the work for me.

  3. They allow stamping of the logo on leather? Like you can stamp it? or they will stamp it upon request ? Or you're allowed to sell products with the stamp?

  4. Each shell is sold with one stamp, however upon request they will provide the image for the stamp, and if the stamp you have made looks good enough they give permission to stamp yourself. Regardless each she’ll comes with a single stamp they will not do additional stamps for you. You can have a rubber stamp made to do it they just need to bless off and verify it looks good

  5. You’re queuing Tank during a beta where Tanks have seen heavy reworks, while a brand new Tank hero has been added, the first in years.

  6. It is an overwatch problem, like it was in OW1 with dps queues. You’re not seeing the big picture of my post, and you’re only responding to a very small part of it. Nonetheless thanks for your time.

  7. There will always be a bottleneck. One role will always be more desired than others. In OW1 it was DPS. In OW2 particularly right now, the bottleneck has shifted to Tank.

  8. I see everyone has downvoted me, the Reddit gods have spoken you are correct sir.

  9. Pictured is Black Horween Shell Cordovan, with Tempesti Luscio Lux Fiesta Red pockets. Optional 2-4 pockets, 4 pocket colors, 8 Cordovan colors and many thread colors. Also free laser engravings if you so desire.

  10. I personally use Pro Dye and I have no issues with how dry it gets, if it does get too dry I apply a coat of Mink Oil from Fiebings on both sides and that usually does the trick.

  11. Thank you for the feedback, I’ve always heard that it softens up over time with use anyways. I just want to make sure customers like things out of the box.

  12. For sure, and if you find out how LMK! The range of colours outside of the pro is also more extensive.

  13. Have you ever bathed it in oil overnight or something? Pre or post dyeing? Maybe someone else will have the secrets we need lol

  14. I use wool remnants for the little buffing towels that are sold by leather stores such as tandy. I find that both can be pricey, the Wool less so but it’s hard to get only white remnants.

  15. Clicker press, I’ve recently purchased both and I find i almost exclusively sell small goods so the machine probably wasn’t the right tool for me, yet anyways, eventually I’d like to get good use out of it. Bought a techsew pro 2750 machine and while it’s super cool, machine stitching has a learning curve like anything else, if this isn’t your full time job like most of us, the clicker press is probably going to be the best ROI and hand stitching always looks the best and most unique for shoppers anyways. =]

  16. It depends a lot of the MOS path for either so I would do it based on what the job is supposed to be and what you like best, even if you end up being more “leadership” to a job that you enjoyed yourself when you weren’t commissioned, then at least you have that nexus of enjoyment.

  17. Have you posted in the leathercraft sub? Looks nice. Saddle stitching is a real B for time

  18. Are you in the US? How about the full text of the first amendment? It’s actually not that long.

  19. I am. You are a very active sub… leathercraft has 250k and isn’t nearly as active as this small sub lol.

  20. I like that one. Doesn’t seem to be working in Russia right now 😉

  21. So I found some “Catalina shoulders” that look just like this from tandy. Sold out online but they had them at my store

  22. FOLLOW UP—- I’m hearing industrial. I’ve heard techsew and such, what about the ones sold by tandy and weaver? Also any recommendations on used brands that accomplish this techsew doesn’t seem to have a used market hardly

  23. If you really like making bags I would go with a cylinder arm. There are not very complicated once you get the hang of it.

  24. So I’m wanting to make stitch lines (holes for stitching along a linear path), then curve the line without distorting the holes so that I can match stitching holes to 3 dimensional stitch lines, I hope that makes sense.

  25. So I’ve been finding it very difficult to get to a super light blue color. The far right swatch I think is about as close as I’m going to get. Reduced Fiebings light blue to almost nothing, it’s one of those things that will have to go on very light colored veg tan to work.

  26. I read the article the other user posted in a link. I’ve got turquoise and hadn’t had much luck, but I’m thinking to mix in a bit of green like his link had and see where I can go from there. Thanks for the feedback everyone

  27. We should do one that says “ what’s the best looking suv of this decade that’s affordable” and then I’d say the olive green Kia Telluride =]

  28. I’ve heard that people also put old Porsche motors into these? Just curious at this point after all of the helpful replies.

  29. Tandy has a free library of old leatherworking books online. It's a bit clunky to sift through, but has a lot of good info. Here's the book on sheathes for future inspiration.

  30. Thank you for the info, I’ll have to take a look at it tonight when I get home!

  31. Is the knife in the middle from W Bingham Co, Germany? The handle looks familiar.

  32. I actually couldn’t tell you these were a commission and I no longer have them.

  33. Looks nice. Did my LX wheels in black first, then switched to anthracite grey after it wore out. Totally changes the look from the stock colors.

  34. I haven’t looked into the other colors but I’m already brainstorming more stuff I can throw plastidip on haha. I’d like to change the emblem to the vintage Kia motors badging, but they don’t exist for the telluride. I’m thinking to platstidip black over the emblem, the. Spray paint an overlay onto it.

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