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Fully automatic Glock - 100 rounds

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  1. Its for a tool called a ramset it is used to drive nails into concreate.

  2. I had a 94 Camaro that had the transmission replaced before I bought it and the person did a bad job. Every time I would get on the highway it would cause one of those lines to leak. I don't know about the 4runner tranny but the Camaro I had only seemed to leak when I drove on the highway.

  3. Here's a bit of useless info. Companies that make multicam colors have to pay money to use the digicam pattern. That is why the price is normally higher. Here's a example the muticam backpack cost $40 more than the black backpack.

  4. The prices are always the same I ordered the slide with the 507c in June. It was labeled deal of the day $419 then it was 4th of July sale $419 now it is just $419 no sale its all just marketing.

  5. I’m not sure because I opened my savings account at the same time I did a vehicle refinance with them.

  6. how long after opening your savings account before your fico score showed up I just opened my account last week and it says "you currently have no available credit bureau records to display"

  7. Birch wood Casey super black flat black not an exact match and it don’t last long but it turns it black

  8. this works with most cards, discover I think waives anything less than 1.99.

  9. Just picked it up, and I'm definitely feeling like getting this while there was a blem sale was the right move. I didn't realize I was getting a gun that felt this nice. I've never held a Dagger before and I can honestly say it feels better than it's G19 counterpart. It's also beautiful, being a blem gun I have not yet been able to find the "blem". The HS407co on PSA's website is also a steal at their clearance price (it's still on clearance & in stock). I'll give an update after 500-1000rds, if nothing needs fixing up to that point.

  10. I have put 400 rounds down range and the only problem I've had was a bad mag from amend2 I could tell by looking at the loaded mag it was going to be a problem because the cartridge sat at an extreme angle hope you enjoy your new purchase and happy shooting

  11. Cap 1 is a good starter card but they tend to be stingy with credit limit increases for people that got the card when they had bad credit. I got my Cap 1 platinum with a $300 limit when my fico was at like 550. Now my score is 697 and I have about $20,000 available credit but Cap1 holding firm to that $300 limit. They were kind enough to product change me to the quick sliver.

  12. The thing that bothers me is the additional space between the holster and the trigger guard. It might just be the olight baldr mini or maybe the holster. It has about 1/4 inch gap that I was concerned about when I first got the holster because if I'm holding the holster I can squeeze my finger in and pull the trigger but if I'm wearing it the pressure from the belt prevents this

  13. if you go to the top of the post in the comments section you'll see a little bell you click on it and you will get notified when people post comments

  14. Yeah but 3x my limit is only $3k :(. That’s why I wanna wait for them to do an Auto CLI and THEN manually request one myself.

  15. oem glock mags are a lot easier to load without a reloader don't get amend2 mags they don't work the one I purchased falls out after every shot the 2 pmags and 2 oem glock mags work great

  16. I'm a landscaper, so I use it a lot at ACE hardware and get 3% cash back when buying goods and materials for clients. When you're buying 100s of bags of topsoil or whatever, that 3% adds up fast, and it's not even my own money I'm getting back. Seems like a good card to me!

  17. the 3% don't make up for the ace hardware mark up I used your example of top soil at ace it is $4.59 per 40 lb bag at home depot you get a 40lb bag for $2.47

  18. Richmond where I've been looking to get rid of my Taurus $200 is more than I could get elsewhere

  19. I wonder how many politicians own stock in gun companies because every time they start talking about banning "assualt weapons" AR15 s start flying off shelfs

  20. Lmao what a time to be alive…so do I place those in my urethra or what?

  21. No you stuff your pockets full and take them home for your significant other.

  22. I recently got a holster from slim fit holsters I have 507c with threaded barrel and olight baldr mini slim fit website says if your pistol is missing from the list to contact them the dagger is on the list the foxtrot isn't first link is for slimfitholsters second is where I found out where to look for holsters and any other dagger related info

  23. This has a velcro compartment between the main section and the admin section if it didn't have a tag on it when I bought it I would have never knew it was there

  24. what part of "i need to hide a gun through a search" didn't you understand?

  25. I understand perfectly you asked for a bag with a hidden compartment both bags have hidden compartments you didn’t say you needed a covert bag with hidden compartments or I would have recommended the vertx commuter but it is double the price

  26. Well that’s different if it has books in it then book bag is what it is. I have a backpack at work filled with tools when someone ask if I have a screwdriver in my book bag it grinds my gear’s

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