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  1. have it picked up with flatbed tow truck and dropped off down the road a bit

  2. That is good to know. Yeah, learn from me and don't close them down.

  3. just put a freeze on your credit reports and then they cant do a hard pull

  4. This happened to me when my credit was trending down and recently when I opened an Amex only got 1k got 7 on amz

  5. Amex is generous with cli ask for increase of 3x at 91 days making it $3,000 then in 6 months ask for 3x again making it $9,000 they gave me 3x cli every 6 months I stopped asking at $20,000 because I heard they do income verification around that amount. Not that I cant verify my income it just dont seem to be worth the effort since I seldom use more than $1,000

  6. Should see the $200 credit on the first statement after hitting $2000. It will show up in green with the name of the place you spent the last dollars of the $2000

  7. I can't imagine what might cause that. I suspect this is fake.

  8. It sucks that it has came to that almost every video I see on the internet that is my first thought is it's fake


  10. Mind sharing where you found these for that price?

  11. Search youtube for your year make model and repair you want to do. Watch several videos on the subject. Also

  12. I don't want to brag, but I got off the shitter today and my legs weren't asleep

  13. TIL that I’m not the only person who’s legs fall a sleep while on the shitter

  14. The end of the video games be me feelings of joy knowing this dude will think twice before slapping an ass again

  15. When I tried to refinance my loan the place I talked to said I needed to have the car for at least a year before they would refinance. Also age and mileage has a lot to do with who will finance. I ended up trading in my car with a shit interest rate. My credit union told me they don’t finance anything older than 2016 and more than 90,000 miles cap1 has similar requirements

  16. I just got Falken Wildpeaks AT trail they are wonderful in the snow and rain. They are made for crossovers all terrain but not to much all terrain if that makes sense. I recommend looking at tires on

  17. how precise does the gap have to be? can i eyeball it?

  18. Why do you keep asking if you can eyeball it the answer is still going to be no.

  19. I believe the consensus is that the Amazon Prime card is not beholden to the 5/24 rule. You should be able to do a search of the sub to confirm.

  20. I tried at 6/24 and was denied. I think it has a lot to do with profile

  21. Put year make and model in YouTube search and watch several videos also is your friend for parts

  22. How often do you interact with customer service? I personally don't interact with customer service enough for it to influence my decision on card choice.

  23. I read that in the manual, but I didnt feel like doing it. I dont see how it could damage anything if not done.

  24. If you pick up the jack stand by the bottom or the top it can come apart and damage your toe

  25. I mean it tells you to do that in the manual you get with it. They do it so the shipping box can be smaller and slightly cheaper you dont have to pay someone for assembly.

  26. Mine have a sticker with an arrow pointing saying bend tab

  27. But when you add in the streaming benefits you do better than 4.4%. Streaming includes  and Google services at 6%.

  28. If you use streaming services I use paramount plus that is $10.00. You could also say it has added value for the 3% on gas I wish it would have got the same internet shopping as the BCE

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