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Vinland Saga Season 2 - Episode 2 discussion

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  1. Declaration of war is the most intense non action episode for me.

  2. Only one episode is going to air so i don't think we will get a big trailer. Just another small teaser.

  3. Episode 80 would be perfect to end. Eren started the rumbling and gave path speech.

  4. My favourite beach episode is from end of evangelion movie and in future it will be from attack on titan and Chainsaw man.

  5. No one can be as good as good as hiroyuki sawano. It's literal perfection. What tracks has yamamoto made again?

  6. Ashes on the fire, warrior, nightmare, zeek's plan,other side of the sea, traitor, footsteps of doom

  7. Uncensored version will be available on Blu-ray release including sloopy blowjob devil scene.

  8. Traitor, warrior,zeek's plan,other side of the sea, and nightmare are great OST in season 4. Not sawano level but still very great.

  9. Bhai mujhe bhi berserk dekhna hai pura you tube p sare ep nai hai kaise dekhun sequence wise koi help karo

  10. Search "berserk kayoanime" on google and download it.

  11. Damn🔥🔥🔥 but couldn't find the app on my tv😔😔 only jio cinema's there

  12. This and nobody would have minded if they delayed the releases to give the animators time. 99% of the viewers would be fine. This just feels like a cheap way to cash out now, and doing so just kind of kills interest in the release.

  13. Can i ask a simple thing ? Is naming next season as final season or season 4 or season 5 going to change anything storyline wise ? Why do people even care about this thing ?

  14. No one would've cared if they named it season 5, 6, or 7. But you're setting up disappointment to fans who want closure to the anime by claiming it as Final Season.

  15. Day 139 of explaining that anime studios don't have any control on the release date.

  16. Is naming next season as final season or season 4 or season 5 going to change anything storyline wise ? Why do people even care about this thing ?

  17. What if the end of the romance (as in, people actually hooking up) was not the end but the beginning of something else? Like mah boi from Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry who said "fuck romance! Imma date my crush now!" and then proceeded to have a detailed, realistic and but still interesting couple life with his girl (while trying not to die, or be accused of crimes, or be harassed by his "supporting" family.

  18. MAPPA: no, i don't want that. I want to animate the final season for next 10 years at least.

  19. Thorfinn's character reminds me of kim wexler from the better call Saul final season. They both were dead from inside and they are not making conversation or even making their own decision. Just say I don't know, you decide.

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