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  1. So what can I do about it? I am downloading form a website called

  2. My brother, if you already had the Rule loaded and ready to fire, you knew your drip was mid.

  3. If you think it doesn't look good just say so. I don't understand this elitism around needing every piece to be from a different set and with a different shader.

  4. It’s not elitism, it’s common sense. Of course the pieces look okay together because they’re made to go together. If you like it sure, but don’t get salty when people call out your full set that’s been designed by someone else.

  5. Damn, Road Rage instead of Hit and Run!

  6. Oh yeah, I just see a lot of Hit and Run on this sub and not much RR. They’re both pretty great IMO

  7. Is this USD or CAD? For $1300 US you can do a lot better. A 3060 for this money is a rip off, and the laptop itself isn’t great either.

  8. In your case a laptop makes sense, personally I recommend Framework as it's modular, upgradable, and easily reparable. It's more expensive (and with modules it can get very expensive) but I recommend at least looking into it.

  9. What is your method? From what I’m sure many of us know, the SSD is not soldered:

  10. I would be excited if I saw this roll drop, then I’d realise it’s got 44 range and sadly vault it.

  11. DQ 10 isn’t really playable in the West anyway, unless you speak Japanese. Though they’re currently making DQ10 Offline which is speculated to be localised at some point (hopefully on Xbox but most likely just the Japanese systems cause Japan is gonna Japan).

  12. DQ10 Offline already released in Japan, and of course no Western release. Pretty stupid and it makes no sense.

  13. Oh Christ yeah, my head is still 2 years behind xD

  14. Pretty much everything you already paid for is gone. You’re better off just getting into the new DLC if you really want to get into the game, but honestly I wouldn’t recommend it right now personally.

  15. And yet a lot of 3080 died anyway while playing diablo 4. Just make sure you limit the frame rate and you should be fine. That guy said what he said because he thinks it's not blizzards fault that they bricked. Which is fair but still awful advice.

  16. It isn’t Blizzard’s fault. If playing a game causes the GPU to die, it’s faulty hardware. I agree that there’s a risk, but that’s only because QC is absolutely trash these days in a ‘post chip shortage’ world.

  17. Huh, that’s quite a bit better than mine. What kind of performance are you seeing.

  18. I play at 1440p dls quality with a combination of ultra , high and medium settings. Running through Hogwarts, my frames are mostly variable from 60 to 100 with some frequent drops to the 50s when visiting outside from the castle. There has never been a point in the castle where my GPU usage was above 70 percent.

  19. Yeah that does sound like CPU bottleneck, unfortunately it’s specifically a single core performance issue. I’d imagine your CPU isn’t sat at 100% usage in these scenarios but your GPU can’t climb to 100% regardless?

  20. Have you confirmed it’s actually using the 940mx? By checking task manager or an overlay to see usage of both GPUs (as the Ideapad will have HD520 graphics and the 940mx) it’s also worth checking an overlay/task manager to see what’s pinned at 100% as that’ll be the limiting factor for your FPS. I usually use something like Openhardware Monitor alongside my game in windowed mode to see usage statistics.

  21. There's no relationship between CS2 pricing strategy and the hypothetical possibility of a native arm port.

  22. I think it’s the fact that they’ll be replacing the existing CS:GO, which does work on Mac, with this version.

  23. Diablo 3 was on mac. Diablo 4 is not. Just saying ..

  24. What? I think you’re missing what I’m saying.

  25. Thank you , it does play warzone 2 and fortnite and minecraft and many other @120 fps . I still want to do some research to see if the xbox series s good enough or should i upgrade to the x .

  26. Not sure what the comment above is talking about with:

  27. Black Ops 3 had a good campaign and I believe it had a separate campaign called Nightmares, focusing around zombies, which was pretty fun too.

  28. Is this considered the easier of the original three DS games, or am I mistaken lol

  29. I wouldn’t say so, as a big fan of the series with multiple runs of each game, DS3 is the only one that will consistently catch me out with certain fights, like the Abyss Watchers… or Nameless King.

  30. Stay on pc unless you gave the money for a storage disk on series S got a series s for Christmas have been limited to 5 games bcs i don't have money for the storage disk and on top of that you gotta pay more for gamepass, ect, just stick to pc

  31. Just get an external usb SSD, takes like 5 mins to transfer games to and from the internal, if that.

  32. Beg to differ? You just proved my point. Look at the texturing on the outfit

  33. Not really, the only difference is the armor. I’d be willing to be the original post is on high settings, some of those early armor sets looks like the textures hadn’t loaded yet.

  34. As others have said, it sounds like you know what you want and it’s the X. And I say this as a massive fan of the S.

  35. Third group: people waiting on a PS5 but still want to play Starfield and fable 😂😭

  36. His main reason, from the video, was that game engines are so locked down and give little to nothing to tweak these days.

  37. Not silly man try it you will forget the limited fps and game will look amazing too. I finished the whole game like this. Its a trick mentioned by some youtubers.

  38. It’ll only trick people that aren’t that used to 60 fps, anybody that can see the difference between 60 fps and 30 fps (and not just feel it due to the latency improvement) will notice the difference. It looks laggy to me. More responsive though.

  39. Apple for sure by far. There's just no software to take advantage of the "powerful" benchmark bs numbers lol. I dare someone to even argue with me. FU fanboys, you make the market terrible and the prices higher for everyone. There is also new thinkpads, overrated as crap. Junk TBH compared to what they used to make. Can't forget about alienware....ewwww. They are the OG's of what I'm about to talk about.

  40. Your the dummy for calling me an idiot lol. Your just mad because your a sheeple. What I mean by this is when you disagree so bad with someone else's opinion that you have the audacity to call them an idiot. Especially when the person is talking about companies, not individual people. There is nothing wrong with that. WTF is wrong with you. Did I call you out? No. all I was talking about pretty much is extremely deceptive advertising and I hate diminishing returns being used as selling points for an overpriced device. Jeez bro its just opinion. Fanboys are lame. You just proved my point.

  41. I disagree wholeheartedly. There is an insane amount of games from that era that are must plays regardless how old you are.

  42. Agreed, plenty of fantastic PC games can be played on hardware slower than most modern smart TVs.

  43. It's additional eye strain basically. More eye strain, the harder your eyes will work.

  44. Not seeing anything about low fps in that article, just digital content in general.

  45. People simping for the Series S here - it's the nature of the sub.

  46. No it couldn’t. The GPU carried the One X, it has a worse than trash CPU.

  47. Completely agree in some/most situations, but in some newer games the GPU is the bottleneck for 60fps and in those situations the One X still has the upper hand to the Series S.

  48. This is mostly because devs are used to optimising for GPU bound systems coming out of last gen. This will change and the minor advantage the One X does have will be flipped to a big advantage for the SS.

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