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  1. Great video! Thanks so much for sharing 😊

  2. Really excited for LP2. I like all the songs so far. Maybe Bodies Laughing is my least favorite... enjoyed my first couple listens of Teleharmoic

  3. Yeah Bodies Laughing is probably my least favourite too.. and I'm not sold on Read The Room. My other faves are Under Your Pillow and People On Balconies

  4. Open The Floodgates, closely followed by White Flag

  5. Cymbal rush also is built on the back of a HTTT era demo thing.

  6. Ok cheers. Which HTTT era demo thing? I'd be interested to hear it.

  7. I was 15 when The Bends came out and fell in love with that album, and the band. Now I'm 45 and I think that In Rainbows is some of their finest work.

  8. "It's gonna be a gloooooooorious day" is my favourite vocal delivery he's ever done. But there are loads of amazing ones. Here are my faves:

  9. I love the Minidisc version, and think the NotOk version is really disappointing. Can anyone hazard a guess as to when the NotOk version was recorded, and offer any suggestions as to why you they performed it that way? I'm talking about the slower tempo, resigned vocals, lack of energy, and weird bit in the intro where the guitar in the right speaker disappears when the drums and bass come in. Was it recorded close to when NotOk was released, rather than being from the OK Computer sessions (which is presumably when the minidisc version was recorded)?

  10. I believe Ed said the version they used for OKNOTOK was a rehearsal/demo from the time period. The band evidently felt it was better than the proper studio recording we get in two flavours on the minidiscs.

  11. Do you have a source for Ed talking about it?

  12. Yeah i really hope the minidisc version will get a proper release sometime. From which time period do you think the NOTOK version is from? Also.. what are the differences (if any) between the two studio recordings of Lift on the minidiscs? I've noticed that the 'choir' harmony vox fade in and out unnaturally on the choruses of the version I've been listening to.

  13. I looooove Paperbag Writer. It was brill when Atoms For Peace started playing it. The piano version of Fog is a beaut too, and the live version of 2+2 is so good. I don't listen to the rest.

  14. The studio version of Motion Picture Soundtrack is shit.

  15. Again, Again.. by miles! I love it. I love the piano version too though. The original b-side release isn't good.


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