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  1. i don't know even who glenn mcgrath was expecting to attend

  2. well something had to give with the middle rotation.

  3. just wait till sheenius brings back dan fitzhenry to lead the charge

  4. love that the more he carries on like a petulant dickhead, the more CA's Board and playing group are proven right

  5. always found it much more interesting when the test/odi series were paired together tbh, always felt much more purposeful as nation verse nation in all formats. really helps the marketing to as they feed each other somewhat.

  6. what is it with these guy and his agent putting out obviously fake rumours about his contract talks

  7. maxwell and cummins (pre controversy), beyond that i wouldn't call anyone else all that popular/marketable amongst the general populace. medias been trying to turn starc into that for years, but he has all the charisma of a block of wood

  8. i like it, he'd be cheap as shit and super versatile

  9. It’s on the low end, but it might just scrape in as an acceptable amount.

  10. i'd take him at parra, think he's got it in him to be a handy centre with a bit of refining/ few more years in the oven

  11. There is a plan after the first few weeks to replace Hodgo or that's as long as his knees will last?

  12. thats probably how long his knees last, we've got a kid who's about 3 years off regular nrl if he pans out, so just trying to buy time while he hopefully develops

  13. don't mind the look of buckingham so far this season, but by god is he raw.

  14. you'd be flat out making a semi realistic designed jersey look worse. color tones are putrid

  15. fuck that new zealand anthem is a thing of beauty, that ladies performance gave me goosebumps.

  16. They are a long way away from the upper tier nations.

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