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  1. For anyone not aware, Plaid are a terrible company that VISA were going to buy for over $5b but decided not to after seeing the bullshit they were pulling. They used consumers’ banking login credentials to gather and distribute detailed financial data without prior consent.

  2. Luckily my Bank made it very annoying to use Plaid so I never signed up or used any of the services that defaulted me to Plaid-only options

  3. I remember how optimistic everyone was when he became SEC chair. Boy were we wrong ...

  4. I got more moons than Ive ever gotten in one round. Did something change to the calcs?

  5. I'm killing it with my MASSIVE 8.19 moons this round lmfao

  6. I can't divulge my secret and highly effective sorry

  7. It's about pushing the bounds of what's possible in a creative way but go off. Have you ever considered it's intentional to upset people like you?

  8. I'm not upset about it at all. Idgaf what they make or what people buy

  9. Step Brothers-when they pee in the toilet at the same time

  10. Ron DeSantis or any republican isn't going ro be good for anything for any of us regular ass people bro.

  11. I hack proof them by writing them on the back of a business card with an abbreviation or something so I know what it is for but would be mystifying for anyone else looking at it....Like I might put "Governance" on it, or maybe just the total amount in the wallet....I dont have so much spread out that I can lose track of anything

  12. Justified, to be able to drive in NJ

  13. Its not so bad aside from the sheer volume of drivers.

  14. Yeeeep. I moved to NJ a couple years ago and i m still surprised how many quiet back roads i m able to discover with my motorcycle.

  15. Dominion isn't fucking around, it seems that their initial statements on this matter- (to paraphrase) that they were absolutely not going to settle out of court under any circumstances and will drag this thing through the system in its entirety, from discovery to trial to exonerate themselves and drag Fox through the mud- Were completely true.

  16. You sure ? Cus you sound mad and salty cus your replying 💀💀 your just entertaining me

  17. That phrase normally goes “a classic tale as old as time itself,” as time isn’t really described as classic.

  18. Someone else mentioned I fucked up affected/effected, which I do all the time lol

  19. I thought this was hilarious when I started the game

  20. The secret seems to be that they have no concept of bias. They will go after anyone that makes a dumb…

  21. That's definitely the key to them. They don't care, like at all who they pop shots at

  22. I think it’s a good thing for there to be dissent and disagreement within the same side, and they provide an important voice on the right.

  23. I get it but I don't see any Republicans standing up for their rights, and a lot of Republicans hating them

  24. That’s where I disagree though. SSM got more Republican votes in Congress than it would’ve gotten democratic votes just 20 years ago. In fact, as recently as 2005, only 3 senators supported SSM, and one was a Republican. So I think you could argue that republicans are to the left of where democrats were on the issue within most of our lifetimes, and groups like the Log Cabin Republicans have a lot do do with that.

  25. 34 GOP House Members voted yes on that bill and 12 GOP Senators

  26. Absolutely. Also don't use your Ledger for trading - just for cold storage. I only ever trade out of a hot wallet and only ever transfer to and from my Ledger. This helps avoid smart contract hacks and bugs.

  27. I bought a ledger, transferred fund from Gemini, and closed the Gemini account.

  28. Even a clean softwallet that's never touched anything but an exchange is better than leaving it on an exchange

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