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  1. i paid about $300 for my 5 month class at my local community college + $100 for uniforms and other stuff i needed for my class! i’m in a big city in texas

  2. i’m going to get downvoted a lot, but i hope you see my comment.

  3. i end up reading instead of looking at the characters and watching the movie. i’m a visual person so i feel like i miss more with subtitles. it’s not that i can’t read fast, but i focus on it so much.

  4. I think it’s really cute and I immediately knew it was Stitch 👀 my only tip would be to maybe match the colors a bit better but that’s an easy fix :) (of course it’s up to you how you like the colors)

  5. absolutely! they were tiny balls of yarn so i ran out and decided to make each section a different color only because i had originally ran out of that pretty blue on top!

  6. I would be excited to get that as a gift!

  7. i’m 20 and have been obsessed since i was 11! you’re not alone :-))

  8. They love love love sunshine! I would say it is at least 50 years old based on the size and diameter. They can live for centuries though with proper care! It’s a beautiful plant and hopefully it brings back positive memories OP!

  9. i have one about 9 foot tall and fatter than that that’s only 20 years old! so there’s no telling how old it is. it’s beautiful tho

  10. i do too, i was just making sure i wasn’t being a douche about it

  11. he’s one of those people who thinks white lying is still lying, and would rather me be honest.

  12. i bought crossbars off ebay and they took 5ever to install. they were very slightly off and took me hours to install with loads of help. at the end of the day they were my only choice since and i’ve had no problems since.

  13. the ones on amazon are great. don’t go buy a littman just yet, they make great graduation presents since they’re so expensive! my one from amazon is wonderful

  14. our ambulance and fire service are both no visible tattoos/ natural colored hair. however our hospitals don’t have any policies at all anymore. it’s dumb. let’s people express themselves we are literally saving lives- nobody cares about purple hair

  15. honestly how i met your mother. i would love to have a group of friends and drink all the time :-)

  16. i look back frequently just to see how much has changed! i love looking back on my past adventures and old plants :-)

  17. i don’t think he should lose any licensing, i’m really not here to ruin his life- i just think he should not be testing students. that could really break someone enough to throw away everything. we are literally students. we have no confidence and being told you’re an idiot? everyone in the field was an uneducated student once. it’s all just bs.

  18. thank you for saying all of this, i completely agree and feel the same way- i have no idea why i’m getting shunned.

  19. what part of texas are you in? we’re a skills testing sight and might be able to help you!!

  20. You're right, I don't understand your math as there is no way a school that's "highly known and competitive," only gets 300 applicants per year, but it's okay, that's why you will be a nurse and not a researcher. The world needs bodies to fill spaces, good for you!

  21. If you’re in a cold place, I have a few suggestions:

  22. thank you!! i have most of these things actually, i’ve stayed in there before and lived in there for a few weeks at a time! but thank you! i don’t have a heater but it does stay warm in my car, plus i don’t mind turning on the car and running the heat for 20 minutes, then shutting it back off. it retains heat well and i have never had to do that!!

  23. Your tires have likely lost a little pressure due to the temperature, so top them off to what's stated in the doorjamb.

  24. yeah, i always keep them at 30 every season. was wondering why he said that and i was curious to see if i should!

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