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  1. Ugh, i just got one of these “Hi” texts. Feeling pretty stupid for replying now. Spent like 30 minutes searching around for who’s number it was, because google shows it being in my city. Now I’m freaked out.

  2. Mine clogs almost every other day. I have to constantly use a pin to clear it, or inhale as hard as I can for like 30 seconds. Love it otherwise, but not worth the struggle to me unfortunately.

  3. The Calico cat! Looks almost exactly like my cat!

  4. The white dot is just an ink bubble aka printer hickey. It’s a manufacturing error, not a design error, so it doesn’t fall under the category of “known errors” since it happens randomly. It doesn’t really affect value all that much, this is about a $20 card.

  5. This was super helpful, sold the one without the white dot today for $20, thanks!

  6. Probably 5 mcdonalds classic standard cheeseburgers, maybe a whopper from burger king?

  7. NM shadowless Charmander is about $6 a pop.

  8. Niagara region here, I collect mostly aroids (majority philodendrons) and sell a few cuttings here and there on facebook marketplace, but never have luck finding anyone to do trades with! I occasionally check on this sub just in case, so I’m happy to see some fellow Canadians lurking around as well!

  9. I am in Ontario, Canada, I used a macro lens to capture more detail. Very small, less than an inch long. Assuming he came with my soil, but not sure.

  10. Hi, I had one of these as a kid. Pretty much the same thing but a different colour. From what I remember, it was around the same time “rescue pets” plushies were getting a little popular. I’m pretty sure mine was just from walmart or something. Been looking with no luck yet, didn’t realize it would be this tough to find.

  11. omg ok this comment is getting me all excited because of how similar rescue pets look, so I'm guessing it was made as a knockoff rescue pet. My sister said that if yours is from Walmart then mine might be from Asda because they're just the UK's Walmart, so I'll look into that

  12. Okay found them! They seem to be called “Pawphans” :)

  13. Hi I know this is an old thread, but I came across this while trying to find something similar. I used to have an old mp3 file that I probably got off limewire, and it was basically just “popcorn” by crazy frog, but in the middle of the song it had audio of exactly what you’re describing. Stuck out to me because it scared the crap out of me as a kid. Did you ever figure it out?

  14. Hey, no worries at all!. Sadly, I never ended up finding it, but I'm glad to hear someone else knows what I'm talking about, LOL. It's really interesting to hear you mention it being in the middle of the song, I was too young to remember it that well, I just remember it happening. I'm gonna keep looking into it now that you've brought it up again!

  15. Hey I found what I was looking for! Searched “crazy frog bootleg” on youtube and managed to come across

  16. Is the first HHP resident the same for everyone or is it random? I got Eloise!

  17. I kinda wanna see how everyone decorates her room now!

  18. Did you buy the DLC or access from the expansion

  19. I don’t think you need to worry, if they both say escitalopram you’re good. I take a generic version that comes in ovals.

  20. I have been on lexapro for 8 years, and get the WORST hangovers whenever I drink. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how much I drink, I’m still 80% likely to end up hugely sick for hours on end later. I’ve found the only real solution for me to be drinking things like wine, or being VERY careful whenever I drink, to the point where it really just doesn’t end up being worth it most times.

  21. I’ve been on lexapro for about 8 years. For the first couple years drinking was no problem, but eventually I reached this point where I physically can’t have 1 shot of anything without my face being confined to the toilet bowl for hours on end later the same night, or early next morning. My best advice would be to just take it slow, and be careful with stronger liquors. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re as drunk as you really are. 1 shot for my friends feels like 2 and a half shots for me, physically at least, but not always mentally.

  22. Hey friends, just thought I’d update y’all who might not have been in the discord. The artist was identified, however they have since deleted all of their old music and has no wishes to bring it back. We were able to communicate with them and have 100% confirmed this was their song.

  23. Not quite the same, but there’s an episode of

  24. Got a job at sort of a buffet style sushi place that let customers order through an iPad, and would then bring the dishes out as they are made. This place was quite literally always busy and my first shift was New Year’s Day.

  25. Reader Rabbit Preschool (Let’s Start Learning/Carousel Version)

  26. Very cool, what set are these from? I don't recognize either of them. And I wouldn't worry about that, keeping things in boxes is boring. After all the point of vinyl toys is to display the art. To each their own I suppose.

  27. The one on the right is Red Demon from the Azteca 2 Series, by Jesse Hernandez

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