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  1. Have you done this yourself from outside Canada? For NSLSC?

  2. protect who exactly? people who choose not to get the free vaccine? most people who have not been vaxxes yet choose not to get it, only a small minority have conditions preventing them from getting the vaccine. I do not think people who have been vaxxed would mind putting on a mask if they are around children but for people who cannot extend the courtesy of getting a free vaccine ?

  3. you should call osap and ask if you can still submit that one document, if so then submit it and you should receive your funding although it would be at a later date

  4. Just because the Afghan army fell apart and didn’t want to put their lives on the line doesn’t mean the average Afghan supports the Taliban.

  5. most afghans live in the rural areas. people in the rural areas do support the taliban overwhelming

  6. I work the night shift at a grocery store and often hear something call out my name only its in the voice of people i know (relatives, friends) who do not work at the store with me.

  7. I applied a little later in June but I’ve always done that and have always received a calculated amount by now

  8. It my second time applying. I applied around the same time last year and they calculated my funding by mid july.

  9. I thought it was just me cuz I’m taking a 5th year and I’m supposed to write osap a letter explaining why I am but I haven’t even received a request for that yet only that my school has to send info I wonder what’s taking so long

  10. I contacted my school. Turns out they forgot to send my program information because i was placed in a discipline after i submitted my application. But they entered the wrong study period length. It was supposed to be 34 weeks, they entered 26.

  11. yup, you’ve been approved. osap needs your school to confirm that you are enrolled in your courses before the start of term. Your school should do this in a few weeks

  12. omg, i literally just posted the same problem here. i submitted mine all the way back in December. and i cant even apply for the upcoming semester until it gets approved. and they keep sending me msgs and emails that my grants will turn into loans. its making me really anxious.

  13. you can apply for the upcoming semester. what makes you think you cant ?

  14. what did it state ? did it say you cant apply for 2021-2022 ? because i was able to apply, got my estimate etc

  15. you can open bank accounts in canada remotely, the account would be deposit only.

  16. I tried doing that, I called the banks and everything and they said I need to be there in person to open an account

  17. you can open one online with the national bank of canada. dont even need to call

  18. What's frustrating is that Joe doesn't challenge him on his bullshit

  19. whats funny is that they did fact check the human pig “hybrid” claim and turned out it was in fact true

  20. I don't know how the percentage was calculated, but the percentage always doesn't reflect reality. I remember there was one time in my school time, the Admin said there was gonna be a 5% increase in residence rent, but it turned out to be a 10% nominal increase. Do they also factor in other risks such as inflation? lol

  21. These increases are more than 10%, which also happens to be the tuition increase cap placed by the government.

  22. All of these are "professional programs" that were subject to exceptional tuition increases. I believe the increases ranged from 24-104% for certain programs.

  23. These exceptional increases were supposed to he applied to incoming students in fall 2022. These numbers are for fall/winter 2021-2022

  24. you can make a deposit only bank account in canada prior to your arrival

  25. i looked it up everywhere and still cant find any info to do so! please would you be able to share the info ? thank you

  26. rbc, scotia bank and nbc let you open a bank account remotely from abroad.

  27. I think im doing well enough with the course. I can help you out if you want

  28. has your enrolment been confirmed yet ?

  29. Do you guys know who Prince Philip is? He's the queen's husband, the incredibly old racist one. The paedo is Prince Andrew, their son.

  30. Peter Philip is not the queen’s husband, I think they’re talking about a different philip, princess annes son perhaps

  31. So if I drop two courses now will that make me a part time student?

  32. i have a midterm the monday after reading week ends

  33. yup, our physics midterm avg and ENGG130 avgs were lower than what it normally is

  34. Thank you all guys, reading your replies really helped me to chill a little bit.

  35. if you’re in Manns and Michaelis’ class the midterms were only 10% of the entire grade

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