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  1. Honestly I don't remember that, and that is very different, the fact that you would even compare those things is weird, one is blatant racism while the other is using the actual fact that a senile old man is president. Slander is lying to make someone look bad, the jokes I make and the joke this thread is based upon aren't lies. I'm not brain washed, unlike you I can see the flaws in both parties. You need to give up this self righteous bullshit, you aren't calling out anyone on their "evil ways" you are simply getting pissy over a joke and can't handle that you are wrong.

  2. You don't remember the blatant slander Obama got during his entire presidency?? The open racism and "jokes"?

  3. I'm not American, so typically don't get information such as the slander you are claiming was against Obama unless its substantiated. All the jokes I have seen against Biden have had some level of proof even if very little. You yourself used the word senile, it's literally the word you picked, I did not mention him being senile until after you did. I am not denying he has done some good, but there are definitely better candidates then both Trump and Biden that should've been representing those parties. I don't understand what I have said to offend you so much, you are continuously trying to offend me for no reason, using words like loser, how am I supposed to take anything you say seriously if you are going to use petty insults, you sound like Trump trying to debate for fucks sake. If anyone is blind it is you, the person who ignores that I have said both are bad, and that I agree that Biden is the lesser evil of the 2 bad outcomes, I see what is in front of me without letting my own bias affect my stand point because I have no bias in this fight.

  4. Why do you care then? I wouldn't bother commenting on politics in your country. America is a doomed country on the verge of collapse. Let us deal with our own mess please.

  5. They are being used by both sides. They are a strong demographic that both sides literally want their votes and both arguably offer nothing to the Latino community as a whole.

  6. Latinx is used way more by whiny conservatives than it ever has by an actual progressive.

  7. I thought it was invented by Latino trans people, but admittedly I'm not in the loop so to speak. That actually makes sense with it being another Boogeyman slang for Fox to use against progressives.

  8. 24% of the registered voters are Republicans. Juries are often drawn from voter registration (and driver's licenses). A jury is 12 people. 2.88% of any jury has a chance of being Trump supporters. So there is little chance of a unanimous decision on a criminal matter.

  9. Even if they did vote to convict him he would just appeal it until the case reached a friendly court and he'd get out that way.

  10. We need to stop messing around and return some nukes to Ukraine. They gave up all their missiles in a multinational agreement that Russia and the United States urged them to do. In that agreement it was understood all parties would protect the sovereignty of Ukraine from all threats. Ukraine honored their part of the deal and gave up their nukes.

  11. A chance during the debate? No way. Abbott will read the conservative playbook and just attack Beto with lies and misinformation. His supporters don't care about truth or facts.

  12. Cost of living is also reflected in wages paid. Our minimum wage is 7.25 an hour vs other states we are one of the most difficult states for lower income earners to live. While there are also lots of better paying jobs those don't make up the bulk of our states jobs. Lower income folks are being crushed under the boot heels of mega corporations who rushed to Texas to avoid paying taxes.

  13. Stop giving that human gerbil news coverage. She'd be all but forgotten if the news stopped covering her.

  14. Just like the Dems voting against the 2nd Amendment which is part of the Bill of Rights. Great example.

  15. The constitution has a system allowing it to be changed. It's called amendments. The 2nd amendment was a change meaning it wasn't in the original document.

  16. Nationally inflation and the economy are #1. They are in Texas too. Then parental control of education and schools, same in Texas Then crime, same in Texas. Nationally, abortion, the democrats #1 issue is next. Here in Catholic majority Texas (abortion is a mortal sin to Catholics) it doesn't even rise into the top 5, the border and illegal immgration rating as a more important issue. Good luck with that abortion thingy though, stick to your principles, don't change a thing!

  17. Inflation has risen under our Republican governor. Remember his border stunt where he closed the border for two weeks and prices jumped all over the state because truckers couldn't get their loads to your local grocery store.

  18. The best way to meet women is thru their friends. All women have friends. They trust their friends. They don't trust strangers.

  19. Yeah. Winning was corrupt. Him being in office was corrupt. Him not being a Democrat was corrupt. Hell, Trump just existing was corrupt.

  20. Why you so salty? If Trump is innocent he'll beat all these investigations and never be charged. Remember when he said the FBI investigating Hillary proved she was corrupt? Well now that the FBI is investigating him for the same crime he now says they are corrupt.

  21. Look buddy, don’t go trying to speak common sense in here. You are supposed be outraged and rant about conservatives being Nazis like you’ve been told!

  22. Maybe if your Republican representatives stopped acting like Nazis and you conservatives stopped waving actual Nazi flags and stopped using a Nazi hand salute when Trump utters his Nazi "One America" line....

  23. I'm currently grinding my way thru season 4. I mostly want to see how Remy ends up being the last slider. I will finish this series if it kills me!

  24. Unfortunately that’s an oversimplification. Each state is “different,” meaning they have a different culture/needs. They’re like 50 separate little countries, each with their own culture. Unless each state is given an equal level of representation, then there is not much reason for the smaller states to be part of the union. What benefit would it be to the rest of the country for california and new york to take complete control, and force their “values” on the rest of the country, many of which are states that aren’t interested. I live in NYC btw, I’ve just grown to detest the way this place is run, along with the high level of snobbery and contempt they display for anyone not living on a coast

  25. I have lived in 8 different states and travelled thru at least 20 more. Guess what I found in all of them?

  26. Probably, but the system is what it is. The electoral college and the structure of the senate were the only things that brought all the states together. Without them, there would be not much of a benefit for a state like, say, Wyoming to be part of the US. Politicians would cater solely to the most populous states and smaller ones would get fucked up the ass

  27. It's unfortunate we allowed the states to hold so much power. Those 400 thousand people in Wyoming shouldn't think of themselves as different from the several million in Texas.

  28. I've been thinking of grinding it out. At least make it to season 4. I remember some corny stuff with that season though.

  29. I bought the DVD box set with all seasons and couldn't make it thru season 3.

  30. They both lose. Both are gonna take serious wounds and neither can finish the fight.

  31. Are we saying that if we secured the border, we wouldn’t have to spend money on transporting those crossing the border, and that would then allow us to focus on more impactful needs or are we saying that we should put much less emphasis on solving long term border control problems to solve more immediate needs in the state?

  32. Shutting down the border would lead to massive inflation you haven't even dreamed of kiddo. Illegals are the backbone of this country. All those fruits and vegetables you buy at the grocery stores come from illegal labor. All those slaughterhouses are staffed with illegals. Say good bye to those cheeseburgers and chicken wings pal.

  33. Then tell your Trumplican representatives to do something about it. Not just political stunts but to actually shut down the border and start mass deportations.

  34. The immigration boogeyman? Look how much trouble one plane of migrants caused for your masters in Martha’s Vineyard. Now multiply that by 10 for every city near the border every day for 20 years. That’s the problem you’ve ignored. Interesting rhetoric about “white America”, you sound like you walked into the dnc headquarters, opened up your brain and told them to fill it up with their dumbest propaganda. Only time I’ve ever heard the phrase “white america” is when a democrat wants to complain about Fox News, which is all you guys do, every single day, ad infinitum.

  35. I don't have a problem with immigrants. The more the merrier.

  36. You're wrong. When someone like this gets actual consequences it serves to quieten the attitudes of their followers. If we allow it to continue, then they will feel emboldened, and that is when things become dangerous.

  37. We can hope. Jan 6 proves that they are ready to raise hell for their leaders. Trump has them agitated with his current lies and he is definitely pushing them to cut loose if he gets indicted.

  38. Trump was called a racist for shutting down travel from China and numerous prominent Democrats went on record saying they wouldn't trust a Trump vaccine.

  39. Trump was called a racist for pushing the "China virus" propaganda.

  40. Trump underestimated people’s fear of covid which at first was basically a superflu. But now it’s just a odd cold that lasts 2-3 days for 90-95% of people. Shutting down the whole country was what he didn’t want to do. But fear and media (and a hell of a lot of controversy) led to Biden shutting down the country and we’re paying for it. Now normal people can’t even get a house, only tech bros and investors. Global investors are even buying US farmland and they never have even touched foot in America. People saw their 401ks lose several 10’s of thousands of dollars and investments weren’t profitable anywhere but in real estate for those with money.

  41. Biden didn't shut down the country. The shut downs happened in 2020 when Trump was still president.

  42. So, just a question, shall we also dismiss everything else Josephus, Pliny the Elder, and Tacitus wrote about the ancient world, upon which much of our knowledge of these times are based, and whose veracity is among the most studied in all of history? Based on what, exactly? You cannot prove a negative. So far we have three pieces of evidence pointing to the existence of a man named Jesus, weighed against what, exactly? Your feelings?

  43. Lots of people out there like you that believe the Bible is real. No need to get all uppity. I'm just one man who takes a logical realistic view of the world. I apologize if I find your zombie hippy to not be real.

  44. What are you even talking about? I am an atheist and do not believe in God, the supernatural, or magic. What I do believe in is evidence, and expertise. The evidence exists, and the experts have presently reached a consensus. It would be the height of arrogance to reject those two things based on what I want to be true. This has nothing to do with "belief", as you put it. I believe in what I can see, and what I can see is that at least three credible sources exist stating that a man named Jesus existed. Can you discredit them? That doesn't mean I have to believe in anything else in the Bible though, because there's no evidence any of it is true and plenty of reason to believe it isn't.

  45. Like I told the other guy we really shouldn't bog down in the idea that Jesus was a real man. It's immaterial. The teachings Jesus was said to have given were important lessons for us all.

  46. I have never had a girlfriend tell me that. I've met girls who acted bisexual with their friends at the place I met them, but the second we started dating they were officially NOT bisexual anymore.

  47. Presidents don't really do much. Even their executive orders are subject to extreme scrutiny from federal judges limiting that power.

  48. Remember when Trump got into a Twitter war with her? A 76 year old man feuding with a teenager. A 76 year old man who was the leader of our nation... 😔

  49. I love you man. Never change. Fight the fight. Those conspiracy theories you believe will come true someday. Keep believing in them!

  50. I watch unbiased media. The agenda is saving America. They wany us to hate traitors, pedophiles and the corrupt. I distrust propaganda

  51. Unbiased? Faux entertainment? OAN state propaganda network? Newsmax the network of conspiracy theories? Telegram the Qanon network? Trump's own mouth on his Lies and Misinformation social?

  52. I order a soft taco and substitute beans for the meat and remove the lettuce and then order a hard taco and put em together.

  53. Because the system currently is set up to make it inconvenient.

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