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  1. I respect Bill and what he does.. but hoooooly shit he’s terrible at keeping his word. I understand many different things can get in the way of getting projects done, and there are more important things than YT vids in life.. But sadly the one thing he always does is promise x, y and z will be out in x amount of weeks.. and its NEVER the case. Such a shame its like this because it does seem like he’s genuine and does care.

  2. It is an utter shame because he has so much rare and unreleased material that is just going to die with him and randy brown. Its a damn shame because this is stuff that will NEVER BE RELEASED if Bill or Randy don't choose to do so. PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS MATERIAL TO YOUR GRAVES!! Put it out in the world!!!!

  3. I believe they will. Especially this latest stuff. I understand it’s a massive task, alot to look through etc. But I seem to remember Bill promised it would (atleast in part) be out fairly quickly after he announced he had those documents. From an outside perspective, having never interacted with Bill, it seems to me Bill is eager to please everyone and in trying to do so make promises that he finds out he cant keep. Its a shame that, that is what a lot of people see of him now. Promises that aren’t kept and unreleased documents for a crowd that hungry for new things.. I just hope Bill will be more realistic next time on when he can release things. Rather he would say this will take time but it will be worth it, than promise a quick release than a year later nothing.

  4. Bubba, never have I ever worked with someone more deserving of the word.

  5. You know you cant say that and not elaborate on it lol

  6. Oh I know and I did. Just needed to vent at something and this seemed like the best way to do it lol.

  7. Yeah just horribly sad. One positive in all of this is, Coy got to spend his last 24hrs seeing his son achieving something amazing. I cant imagine how proud of his son he was. And I hope Ty remembers that down the road.

  8. Do we know what’s going on? I can’t find it on Twitter. I pray to God it’s not Coach Gibbs.

  9. Only rumors. I’d wait until official word from JGR as to what has happened.

  10. What if this happened yesterday? What would Ty have done then?

  11. Pointless to wonder about as it didn’t. And we still dont know what exactly has happened..

  12. No thanks. Nascar would be smart to leave it at the cool moment it is, and make sure a move like that isnt made again.

  13. Wow thats crazy. I mean it makes sense he’s let go, but still. I was thinking we should all be happy he hit Brad’s rear bumper at the start/finish line. Speed was slowly but Surely dropping at this point. Imagine if he had got into the back of Keselowski coming out of T4? The amount of speed he was carrying at this point is insane vs the speed other cars would be traveling at. Could have been BAD.

  14. Wasnt there talk that if Custer lost the 41, he could possible move to RWR? Or its that something I for some reason imagined lol

  15. This car has brought so much parity that start up teams like Trackhouse have been able to become successful right away. Same can be said about 23XI and a resurgence of old teams like RCR. Even RFK got a win this season!

  16. Fuck the international race feed!!!! Spent last 7 laps of last 8 watching close ups of Ross Chastain

  17. Trophies that look like actual trophies with minimal sponsor influence > Most of the “trophies” presented to winners these days that are basically an advertising billboard

  18. Boris said. I believe he raced the Mercedes motorized carriage and then last year. But he was a top notch ringer in the late 90s early 00s.

  19. I think this could be good for Bubba. His struggles with mental health are well documented.

  20. Didn’t he say he hoped to see him in a cup car soon/on sundays, not expect?

  21. Teenagers being hypocrites. Just like how they wanted to kill jocks for bullying them, yet thats all they did while killing innoncent children who had never bullied them.

  22. From the videos I have seen, all I see is a young woman living her best life. No hate from me.

  23. Yep. Starts next year if you haven’t heard the news.

  24. Yeah rumors flying around rn is that its actually not a tire test at all happening at Homestead, its testing out the all new electric next gen cars!

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