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  1. Who's your back up 10 after Sanchez? That's all I thought when he went off, had no clue! Only ever seen Boffelli take those crazy long distance attempts, does he kick for club at all?

  2. Yeah it's got to be between him and Koroibete for hardest working winger

  3. Italy have also beat Portugal and Romania. It's unstoppable atm..

  4. Hitting people in the face with your hands isn't tolerated in either sport pal, do better.

  5. You seem like you've taken a few headbutts from the sound of your discourse. lol bye

  6. The amount of australians here is insane. If your idea about rugby was solely based on users' nationality in this subreddit you'd think that French rugby was dying and Australian rugby was booming

  7. See a lot more clips of top 14/pro d2 than any rugby from aus on this sub tbh. By just reading this sub you'd be (imo) convinced rugby was dying in Aus (so says 85% of Aus people to in match threads lol)

  8. I made a poll while back and with no surprise there is a good chunk of French and Afrikaans native speakers here.

  9. To make it as simple as possible for you to keep up, I’d summarize this window’s “main events” as following:

  10. 15. Rory Hutchinson - Northampton Saints - 5 caps 14. Darcy Graham - Edinburgh Rugby - 27 caps 13. Mark Bennett - Edinburgh Rugby - 24 caps 12. Sam Johnson - Glasgow Warriors - 24 caps 11. Duhan van der Merwe - Worcester Warriors - 16 caps 10. Blair Kinghorn - Edinburgh Rugby - 31 caps 9. Ali Price - Glasgow Warriors - (Vice-Captain) - 51 caps

  11. Tbh I used to follow Argentine rugby quite closely but I’ve totally lost track of it since RWC 15

  12. I know that I meant I used to know all of the players but now I don’t

  13. My dad is Welsh. I'm a saffa. Always a tense match in our house when these two go at it. Game on chaps and good luck!

  14. Yeah they sent a bunch of youngsters, one being an 18 yr old wilkinson

  15. It was perhaps first Larkham game at FH, and the rest is history.

  16. Tbh Cian was pissed off to have to go out on that caddy. He is a warrior.

  17. I don’t know but it can’t be Earls. He was easily beaten against the Māoris. They’ll just tear through him again

  18. To me he was one of the few Ireland players who knew what was goin' on in first half. Almost all the forwards looked absolutelty lost in open or broken play, the locks expecially.

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