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  1. My mom always kept our baking stones in the oven for storage. I would sometimes forget to take them out first and would have to stick them hot on a trivet on the counter for a little while til they cooled down and that was the most amount of problems that ever caused me lol.

  2. I've seen red velvet cakes that are BRIGHT red and also a more muted/deeper red. My preference is for the more muted red but thats purely a personal aesthetic preference. I've never come across a bright red velvet cake that tasted like food coloring, though I suppose that could be an issue.

  3. 100% lol I "procrastibake" when I'm stressed or anxious and trying to avoid dealing with whatever is causing the stress or anxiety.

  4. Wow I'm so happy to find so many people whose top two bands are Vulf and King Gizz 🥲

  5. Oathbringer. Dalinar walking forward towards Odium while holding WoK. Lift says “You were gonna fight them all with a book?” and he says “You have a weapon?” and Lift says “Nope. Can’t read.”

  6. I'm American and my gut instinct is to say pronounce it the same as Ava in English but I know most Eva's here are EE-va.

  7. I start almost every cooking recipe with sautéing a lot of garlic and yellow/white onion together. Recipe says half an onion? Whole onion will be used. Recipe says no onion? Lol does not compute. At least 6-8 cloves of garlic in every recipe. I don't understand all the recipes that use 1 or 2 cloves like how can you even taste it then??

  8. I like don't KNOW any babies but here are the names of the last 5 babies to be born to acquaintances and coworkers:

  9. Mary Kate, Patrick, Chrissy, George, Bridget, Anne, Martin, Gerald

  10. Alright I technically didn't meet them, but my mom is a teacher and has 100% for real taught someone named La-a, pronounced Ladasha.....

  11. My first thought was the character Lyra from His Dark Materials.

  12. Clah-ruh. US northeast. The first syllable doesn't rhyme with car, clay, or Claire. I'm struggling to find a word with the vowel universally pronounced as I pronounce the first syllable in Clara haha.... glass? Apple? If you've ever been in choir and told to think of vowels in terms of how tall or wide they are, the first A in Clara for me is between a "car" and "claire" in height haha.

  13. My parents' names are Jean and John so I guess..... Jean or John? 😅

  14. Hahahhahahahha amazing. I feel like Pamela actually does flow prettily and Pam is just so.... idk not that lol. Pam is nice but man it's just not my style haha

  15. Totally! Most nicknames seem like younger versions, but Pam just instantly ages us. Maybe 40 will be my tipping point when I warm up to Pam.

  16. Totally agree! Maybe the next generation of Pamela's will perceive the full name as "old" because we'll be a bunch of Pamela-not-Pam's in our 50s+, and they'll go by Pam to feel younger. And the cycle will continue lol

  17. I dont eat breakfast usually, but we do an extended family "fat breakfast" on Sundays sometimes: usually bacon, eggs, GF toast or English muffins, asparagus, has browns. Jams and hot sauces ans ketchup as condiments, all certified GF. My partner usually eats a GF protein bar and banana for breakfast.

  18. Slater Slade? That sounds like a comic book character. And I agree that most of these sound like dog names.

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