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  1. Getting mad at people for giving you compliments is weird.

  2. My grandma used it in a venomous, passive aggressive way toward my mother. So this is one of those “it’s not you, it’s me” problems

  3. Glad you recognize it's a you problem because this is definitely a you problem if I've ever seen one

  4. Don’t tread on me, petty tyrants! Exercise your right to break arms, fellow patriots!

  5. Rind in the sauce. There shouldn't be a ton of parm on the rind. I'm actually making a meat sauce right now myself!

  6. Idk if this is weird but once I’m done simmering the rind, I’ll toss it in the microwave until it puffs up into a crispy cheetoh thing and use it as a high value treat for my pups

  7. I thought you were going to eat it. Sounds delicious! 🤣

  8. Lol, I have braces so anything that hard is a serious no-go

  9. I’m just going to say it; this would not have happened if Birgitte Nyborg was still PM.

  10. Kramer’s a national-fuckin’-treasure there bud. His knives are like a Peter Sagan sprint to the finish circa 2015.

  11. Would you consider giving it a few weeks for the sake of the community?

  12. Did you motherfuckers just Wham!-bam me with that overall link?

  13. User object has login data. But I don’t believe you will see insights in relations to maps.

  14. I’d only need one to know, wouldn’t I? How many do you have?

  15. Soon enough you’ll just smell their ass and know. The line is for beginners.

  16. Lol, I am initiated into the Society of Diaper Huffers

  17. When you take fear out of the equation the limits are boundless.

  18. Bob Esponja Calça Quadrada, senhor

  19. I never double. I Always follow recipes. In fact, I think Americans are wayyy too garlic happy and just like to smother it on everything because they don't know how to season food properly. Ive seen a recipe for Caesar salad for 5 people that called for 6 cloves of garlic!!!!! (it was Joshua Weissman. I hate that guy lol) I can make a batch of Caesar dressing that makes 48 side salad servings with 4 cloves.

  20. The only thing I use mine for now is reheating cold coffee. To get a bowl of soup hot enough to eat I find it easier, and not much slower, to just throw it in a pot on the stove. That way I don't have a red hot bowl of barely warm soup sitting in the microwave waiting to spill.

  21. James Hoffman has a video about better ways to reheat coffee that I’m too scared to watch

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