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the eyes of Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin in iprin says it all..

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  1. Dude, there are tons of young republicans. Young people can be cynical assholes too.

  2. Nope. They would pass a law requiring tv anchors and cameramen to carry a gun at all times.

  3. Last week's mass shooting, where a young man drove a long distance to find a supermarket that had many black patrons so he could kill them.

  4. I can relate. It’s tough. Just survive. It’s almost like the majority of them are not even real people.

  5. Do you have brain damage? Bro the Middle East is the original Caucasian. How does that not answer your question l they are always Caucasian. There are 3 races. Caucasian, asain and African. That’s it, everyone els is some kind of one of those or a mixture.

  6. Dude, based on that logic everyone is originally from Africa so everyone is African. You are the one who has brain damage.

  7. No there is actually a different word used for it, but it is considered racial currently so I wouldn’t use it. I’m saying black people are black. Yes there are Dutch Colony in South Africa where a bunch of white people live but their Ancestors haven’t been in the Middle East in tens of thousands of years

  8. Dude, races are not real. My question was pure curiosity to see what Jews identify as. The first thing they teach you in any anthropology class is that race is a social construct. There is no science about race. I am getting pretty tired of your petty arguments. I am out.

  9. Wait, what?! That is just impossible unless you are hooked up in a simulation made of your greatest desires.

  10. Source when was the last time you heard a female called an actress. I’ll look for an actual sources though. It was like 15 ish I think.

  11. We live in Houston, TX and it's technically a southern city. Certainly most "southern" of all other TX cities and there's no issue here. In fact, races co mingle here all over the place. It's not segregated (whites live here, blacks there, Hispanics over there) and most areas are very mixed. I'm white but my fiance is black and she's not experienced any negative due to her race. Also, we're from CA originally and we had quite a bit of negative reactions to us being interracial and none here.

  12. In California you had negative reactions for being with a black chick?

  13. Yes, but all of them (that we've noticed) have been from black people. Lots of dirty looks, head shakes and whatnot. It made her uncomfortable and feel unsafe a few times. Also, her mom wants her to be with a black guy also, but she's never been rude to me directly at least. Here, no one gives a shit.

  14. Wow, I would have never guessed that black people would be so judge mental on interracial couples

  15. When you don’t have any dirt to throw at someone , so you make up dirt to throw at them

  16. NYC is for anyone but me. I work there and hate it. I hate everything about all cities. NYC just happens to be the one I’m in the most.

  17. You can’t really drive in the city toowell. So you have to use public transportation. I hate public transportation. It’s gross and you get stuck next to people you don’t want to be next to. The streets are dirty. People piss and shit wherever. People just throw their garbage on the ground and keep walking. You can’t park without paying $100 and walking for blocks. You have to walk everywhere carrying your stuff. I hate it. It’s raining? Oh well.

  18. But is it true though? Stereotypes are 99% of the time wrong. Like black people being naturally dangerous or Jews being greedy or Italians being gangster, etc

  19. Russian conscripts are being issued Mosin Nagants, Russia is trying to increase the age cap on their professional soldiers due to a lack of manpower, and is losing ground on literally every front.

  20. Yes but also standard considering that every company does this these days.

  21. But not too numb to do it here? Or does it just not fit an outrage narrative?

  22. Ohh I see where this is going, and I not going down this white supremacist blame-shifting rabbit hole with your loaded open-ended question. Research more about issues outside Tucker Carlson please.

  23. Yes! Everything useful is evil, because it's been valued and fought over for all of time, so we're not exactly breaking new ground with Apple

  24. Anything that we as a species at some point decided was useful, we comodified and found conflict over. Slavery was a very normal part of the human world for forever, and it's normal for humans to seek the easiest way to destination, hence pretty much everything we ever made or are making is evil in some way. If it's not the labor creating it, it's the battle for domination of the market destroying lives and enriching others. It was kind of a joke at first but now I'm convincing myself.

  25. Well, I guess that your premise is not totally correct because it is just useful for some and a misery for the rest. But what you said is true.

  26. Oregon was literally founded as a racist utopia. A lot of Oregon is rural and conservative, but even in the progressive cities, you will find a lot of "polite" microaggressive racism. I wish we had a larger Black population here.

  27. Let's just say they're referred to with a racial slur. I don't want to repeat it.

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