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Anon enjoys Christmas

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University of Hong Kong appears to demolish Tiananmen Massacre monument in dead of night - Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

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  1. No, the actual beginning of cancel culture goes back decades prior, when Hollywood would blacklist suspected communists and homosexuals. Which was a big deal considering the entire industry was owned by just 5 studios.

  2. If a lot more of those people had been blacklisted (or just shot out of a cannon into the oort cloud), we wouldn't be dealing with these problems today.

  3. Most of the blacklisted people are dead, what are you talking about?

  4. Holy cow, that's awful. Did that name always cause meltdowns, or is this a recent development?

  5. Since I changed my name to Robin I felt really uncomfortable hearing my deadname. When I hear it too much, I have meltdowns, so I guess always

  6. You've felt that way since changing it, or for as long as you can remember? Either way, it must suck

  7. What's that one that was supposed to be an action/FPS(?) thing and got canceled? StarCraft Ghosts?

  8. There's videos of SC: Ghost on youtube. It never looked that great

  9. Even more odd is that no Muslim Country has condemned them?

  10. Some did. Such as Turkey. The quickly did a 180 once China threatened economic retaliation, lol

  11. turkey is a secular state tho. So although a majority are muslim or other religions politically turkey is "atheist".

  12. The government is, officially. Kind of irrelevant since Turkey still called the concentration camps a "great shame for humanity"

  13. It's pretty simple. Microsoft didn't earn their buying power through meritocracy. Xbox didn't dominate the gaming market.

  14. Sony was no stranger to buying studios either, they just don't have as deep pockets as they used to thanks to every other division massively shrinking over the past 20 years.

  15. Except you're not even exaggerating, since not even the majority of Hollywood films demonize those countries.

  16. >Terrorism" occurs in China when and where the government says it does. Every 6 months a Han chinese citizen goes on a stabbing spree in a school or public place, and it's attributed to "mental illness", never terrorism. When a Uyghur does it, it's terrorism.

  17. The atmosphere is great. Some of the levels are genuinely really creepy. Like the one in the house with the guy holding the girl in the basement (Fairfax).

  18. Ken Levine always seems to nail the tone of any game he works on. I wish he'd make another

  19. Honestly, for all their faults, Nintendo's ability to appeal to demographics that are usually underrepresented in video games is commandable

  20. I can't think of any strong faults Nintendo has, they're one of the few "studios" that can still manage to release multiple high-quality games a year, in a time when the biggest studios need years just to make one.

  21. Ignorant, bad manners and gullible. What a shock.

  22. I don't buy it, Chinese restaurants are busier than usual during Christmas because they're one of the few open

  23. Yes, Zoe actually spent christmas morning in an IRC chatroom plotting ways to troll Gamergate, because she was afraid of her life you see

  24. If you treat is as a critique of everything that's wrong with modern cinema it's like a parade of garbage that could be found in any other modern action movie

  25. "No you philistine, it was shitty on purpose! It's not cliche and lazy and stupid if we POINT OUT how cliche and stupid it is!"

  26. "Wow fans demand us to keep topping ourselves while delivering something new, but then we do and they want the old stuff!"- Is a message that I've heard plenty of artists and musicians express inside and outside of their very products. I'd be insightful if it wasn't so worn-out.

  27. Steam needs to enforce a maximum on how long games can claim to be "early access"

  28. I feel like large scale purchases like a home should be treated based on immigration status. If you’re from another country and want to buy a home, then you should have the appropriate visa to be in the country as a resident. I’m fine with anyone being able to buy a home, but that should mean you live in it if you’re from another country. It shouldn’t be just another investment in your portfolio.

  29. Or, they could just charge a "vacancy tax" and apply it equally to everyone

  30. i have no clue, that's a question for the US goverment

  31. But there's no evidence the US government was tied to any terrorism in Xinjiang

  32. I mean, why would they do it now? When the costs obviously outweighed the benefits

  33. Ashley wasn't killed for protesting, but for breaking into a senate chamber with the intention of physically harming people. That's the reason why she was the only one that got shot that day, did you notice?

  34. You might notice that the capitol protesters were arrested and given public trials, not mass-executed. And 90% of them weren't even charged, because they acted peacefully

  35. The ammount of extra time that has to be spent on sexual harassment training goes way up. Women erroneously making allegations about superiors who don't treat them prefferably come up. Women actually being sexually assaulted goes up. A lot of the women I've known personally who try and get out of military contracts by getting pregnant. Being a woman in the military is a protected status that is frequently abused. I'm in no way saying we should go back to how it was but we have to be realistic about the additional hurdles. Lord knows we already have enough dumb guys making running the miliatry as hard as it is.

  36. Hi, good question! Masseuses don’t get murdered at an exponentially higher rate, they do not get raped, abused and do not risk getting sick and dying from an STD in the way that prostitutes and porn actresses do. They also tend to have much better protections as they are a skilled profession and seen as a pair of hands much like other therapeutical work. Their bodies in themselves are not commodified in for the pleasure of men. That is why the masseuse argument doesn’t hold weight, it’s nothing like prostitution or even porn.

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