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  1. It's pretty cool looking! But unfortunately it's only protecting you, not others

  2. Untrue. I wear a medical mask underneath it when in public. The photo was taken in my garage.

  3. Good on you! I wasn't able to glean that from the photo you posted. I appreciate you lookin out (and lookin stylish while doin it!)

  4. CRIPES do I look out. :) I wish everybody could be free of all this baloney. But I try to do my part.

  5. So how does it work now? Do you order at the hot dog and then go to the pick-up window?

  6. I have to admit, I don't actually know. I was in the back of an Uber moving through the intersection when I took this picture. But I plan on going back at some point.

  7. We stopped at two. It's the perfect number for us. Our older son learned to share and be patient. His younger brother is coming around on those. The best argument I ever heard was, would you want them to have somebody if something happened to both of you? They answer for us was yes. And that has been the best adventure of my life. Congratulations.

  8. If it smells like odorless got a winner. 😃 🌲 🌳 😃

  9. We've had all these damn smart people, and yet I still don't have a quiet jet pack or a reasonable flying car. The best our best minds could come up with to this point is a device that vaporizes things. If one of these devices goes off, even on accident, the whole planet dies.

  10. I would only buy used from They have a great reputation for trying and vetting what they sell.

  11. There is something so soothing about riding the monorail. It's like a lullaby amongst all the sturm und drang of the parks.

  12. Can you do one of the guy who plays "Penguin" in The Office episode Lecture Circuit, Part II? That would be so awesome. 🐧😏

  13. I don't. I go for a walk. Or take a short nap. Either usually helps.

  14. Astoundingly good. Congratulations. Is there video? I know that's a nosy question. But it's not often that I say to myself, "Look at that wedding. I wish I'd been invited." 👍

  15. I got to see my brother, who was a cast member, perform Sweetums, Captain Hook, Goofy, and as a chimney sweep in one of the parades. We didn't even know he could dance, and there he was, up on the float jumping and swinging on bars and doing stunts and flipping.

  16. At this very young age, maybe don't rely on a teacher. Make noise and sounds with your kids. And record them! Your kid wants to be doing stuff with you. The sonic aspect is secondary.

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