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  1. Could it be that this informant was a trump plant to set this in motion to ultimately be false and help him?

  2. I just unsealed my "lock him up" pin i got at burning man 2019 out of its storage. Its right next to the dk npfo pin.

  3. Nobody is above the law. Sorry if that hurts your feelings. Actually, fuck your feelings. Remember that one? 😆

  4. I just checked out the site and they offer a "free us constitution with every order " 😆🤣😂😹

  5. Florida. Half the population of California and 75% of the food stamp recipients and 80% of covid deaths. And, um about 30% of California's gdp.

  6. A camp full of gay guys? My gay friend pays for vacations like this. Strobe lights, techno music. Its a scene

  7. I peel off the "i did that" biden stickers off the gas pumps every time i see one. A lady saw me and went and told the attendant that it was stealing. We had a good laugh.

  8. "True blooded American, dammit!! Oh yeah, im irish"

  9. Yo. Humans have five toes. Is that a troll?

  10. Sorry. Banned you by mistake. You have negative karma so your comments don’t show up here anyway.

  11. You might to want try the decaf. A little antsy, eh?

  12. Wear an anti swastika pin and let them step to you.

  13. "Only available to white males ages 35 and up" -desantis

  14. "Its the only world we've got, lets protect it while we can. Thats all there is and there ain't no more."

  15. Looked up the obituary of that name. Covid? Probably

  16. Idk, but the home screen of this sub has those arrows pointed the other direction. Id join your squad. I love gta. Miss it so much.

  17. At what point does hair loss cause concern?

  18. All 8 of them. Lol. Probably live in the same trailer park

  19. My dad is conservative. Hardcore. Guns, the whole 9. My sister, a doctor, her husband, a doctor. Her daughter, a doctor. Obviously all democrats.

  20. What is the white loop / U supposed o be?

  21. My guess is that its a bib. You know, for a baby. So they dont make a mess.

  22. If DeSantis or Trump wins in '24 I'm leaving. Don't know where yet. I couldn't handle another term of terror.

  23. I hear that. Im shopping for sailboats now instead of properties.

  24. Town of 1500 needs an entire police force? This lady is smart she fired them without firing them. Genius. No lawsuits and no pensions

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