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Who should young men look up to?

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  1. I really love this game but I wish it was more similar in some areas to ghost recon breakpoint. I woul love to have more camera types and control the FOV of those types of views, would love to crouch also etc and etc. I wish it had more dynamic weather, I loved the first division the snow . I can't decide in division 2 Wich graphics settings to use.

  2. Although Ghost Recon has more mechanics and details, I feel that Division 2's "limited" movement fits well to the setting

  3. Ya for sure and one thing that I don't understand is the neutral lighting Wich setting is the best.

  4. I tried it with the setting on, and its way more atmospheric; the nights are really dark and makes everything more "realistic"

  5. There used to be "documentaries" on the Discovery Channel or History channel about how magical energies from his resurrection left his image on the cloth, yes.

  6. LMAO I watched one of those in my school so we'd learn "the power of Jesus"

  7. bruh the title be like: "right before you blow up Heimdall's arm and before killing him, this happens!"

  8. Elevators and most of the apartment bathrooms

  9. yes indeed! they have good lighting and not much going on in the background

  10. Ctm que estoy viejo, en mis tiempos cada 4 malas te descontaban 1 buena

  11. Eso ya era distinto en la PSU y me salvó harto jajajaj

  12. en mi psu te descontaban tambien ;n;


  14. You need to look up to values, not specific people. Lots of people have stuff to teach, but its not exactly good to idolize them.

  15. why is it called chOrnobyl? last year's trailer said chErnobyl

  16. Nice stuff! Are you going to do some from Witcher 3 with the new photo mode? I gave it a try but it seems a little bit limited especially compared to Cyberpunk 2077 unfortunately

  17. Sadly yes, it is quite limited (and buggy🙃) but I'll use it regardless, ive wanted to take pictures in TW3 for yeaaaars

  18. if you ask about Cyberpunk, hell yeah! I went in with 0 expectations and I was blown away. Also it's on discount very often so Id say its worth a try

  19. The person i bought my first ps4 did this too. Luckily for him i'm not dishonest and malevolent.

  20. You could say you're a calm and reasonable person

  21. Pretty sure I forgot to factory reset a PS3 I sold years ago because I have a few trophies for games I have never played 😆

  22. LMAO good to know Im not the only one

  23. Im not someone who likes teen comedy-drama shows, and i definitely won't start now, but Wednesday was very good! sure, it has cringe dialogue and all, but Wednesday one-liners are top tier and Jenna's acting is amazing. Im glad i chose to watch it and can't wait for season 2

  24. In a rather important cutscene I was trying to pay attention to, I got distracted by Kratos’ nipple clipping through his armor

  25. Ok so bit of context: that's Doctor Simi, the mascot of Farmacias Simi, a drugstore with more accesible prices. These past years, Dr. Simi has become an icon in chilean social media, like a meme basically. It's common that these drugstores have someone dressed with that outside the store, and since it has gathered popularity, they even opened up positions to become one of those costume wearers. This vid was done as a marketing strategy to promote the brand and also have a bit of fun

  26. You sure you don’t want me to drop it for you? I’m more inclined now that I know you’d prefer to earn it instead of whining about it being hard. You can still get the blue print later but I can help you unlock the gun.

  27. lmao thanks, but this way i complete missions and whatnot. Also, it makes it feel more earned

  28. Respect man. I got it myself too and the adrenaline when you’re on the way to exfil and finally in the air is awesome.

  29. haha that's what i want: those few seconds where the heli lifts off and im hoping no one jumps inside it batman style

  30. I can’t remember who said it but a chef once said something along the lines of if you want perfect pastries you could slave away for years learning and refining the craft, practising at every opportunity and churning out pastries and put all those hours of your life into getting it just right from scratch

  31. Im saving this to tell myself whenever I think that making puff pastry from scratch is the only way 😅

  32. You’re playing it on a phone? jesus christ

  33. Pregunta desde la ignorancia: ¿por qué no se ponen lectores de bip en todas las puertas de las micros? encuentro raro que solo haya en la entrada.

  34. Yo siempre he tenido la hipótesis de que los torniquetes incentivan la evasión porque como hacen la fila más lenta, hacen más atractivo subirse por atrás. Además, cuando la micro va llena, siempre queda un grupito que queda adelante y se va todo el viaje sin pagar.

  35. He visto muchas veces que la gente, como van con bolsas o mochilas grandes, simplemente no puede pasar y se suben por atrás, pero como está lleno, no pueden avanzar para pagar.

  36. Leí hasta la cuerpa ¿qué mierda es eso?

  37. Mi objetivo con decir cuerpa era darle un tono más ligero al post, porque quería hacer un espacio abierto de discusión sin tener que ser densa

  38. I personally believe being a chad is more of a state of mind rather than a set concept.

  39. Depression isn't a competition, so saying "if anyone should be depressed its me" just invalidates what other suffer

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