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  1. It's extremely low quality software, and you pretty well covered the evidence. Industry professionals ought to demand better.

  2. You didn't fuck up at all. If the interviewers couldn't understand your position, you wouldn't want to work for them. But it sounds like they did. Just be aware in the future that those particular symptoms, sudden numbness and paralysis, are potential life threatening and need a more immediate drastic response than going home for an Excedrin.

  3. I just wanted to kindly add that migraines do cause numbness sometimes! I’ve had where my arms went numb prior to getting the migraine, eventually returning to normal once the migraine had started

  4. The brain swelling enough to cause those trauma symptoms has basically the same end result as a stroke if only hopefully to a lesser degree. It won't take the same treatment of course.

  5. The non-native speaker habits comment is a very good observation, and may explain this all perfectly.

  6. IDK where the definition of "wrong" begins but there is an unmistakable note of ingratitude in these sorts of requests, not only this example, that can't be blamed on translation issues. The intended meaning is quite clear regardless of phrasing: I don't really value the labor you've already put in, nor will I value the labor I'm asking for.

  7. Not all consumers of FOSS products will come from the angle where they can grasp what being a FOSS project entails, so various feelings just won't come to them naturally.

  8. We know nothing about the style of music or size of the venue, so it's impossible to tell OP whether his solution would be adequate for the show. But we can say it's totally safe to send a line level signal to the sound system via a DI.

  9. If you know anything about the way many electric guitarists use volume controls, you know it's totally unthinkable that they be allowed anywhere near the controls of the PA. Yeah, you try to make two 8s sound and feel like a 4x12, you're gonna blow em up big time. Going in any kind of pop or rock band against a drummer who's gonna drive you into the 98+ dB range is going to get you to maximum excursion and thermal protection extremely quickly if there are also male vocals in the PA.

  10. I watched this video the other night. Well, some of it. It was stunningly boring, they really couldn't have presented it in a less interesting manner, might as well have been reading the manual.

  11. Geeking out with this kind of stuff is not for everyone I guess. I was fascinated by it, and especially at how it was presented. It was like an actual training session in how it works. I felt as if I was going to have to use this console and when this lady left, I would have to figure the rest out myself so I better pay attention.

  12. I'm generally the first to find such content extremely fascinating. The quality of presentation was too poor to enjoy. Literally, I have found many manuals to be more interesting.

  13. If it weren’t for the sticker in the covered window I’d say leave it and see if anyone else ever notices.

  14. I am an avid DIYer and this one took me quite a few back-and-forths between the photos I will say that. The snarky comments are correct tho, all it took was thinking about what I was looking at for a few seconds.

  15. The sound from the monitors is traveling the stage twice, back and forth, before it mixes with the sound from the mains. Let's say around thirty feet, causing a time delay of about 26.66 milliseconds. Bob McCarthy's book says after 10 ms the signals are considered discrete arrivals. So regardless of their phase the signals won't be well correlated enough to sum predictably, andthe phase switch can't help us here. What we need to do is delay the mains by that amount.

  16. Sounds like the engineer does not know of the existence of the “pad” button, to effectively simulate a “line level” input.

  17. Plenty of gear out there without that feature. And I wouldn't use it except as a last resort, it is better 100% of the time to address the issue at the source.

  18. Ok so you’re FOH for a show and you got some signals coming in super hot. What do you do:

  19. We have only the OPs word that any of those things happened, and I can't consider them a reliable narrator. Their physical location and emotional state made it impossible to actually obtain that information. I think they fucked their gig up and are trying to rationalize it away by blaming someone else.

  20. You hadn't considered it because it's not true. Phase issues exist in any system with more than one speaker or sound source: and since reflective surfaces count as sources, even single speaker setups can be plagued. But yhe brand names involved don't mean anything at all.

  21. We don’t run anything stereo, but the control is a really good point. Any time we changed volume on the powered main it would affect volume on the passive sub.

  22. If everything is panned dead center the sub will receive a -6dB signal if it's fed with only one side. You can make that up in the amp. But a system without separate sub control isn't tunable in a meaningful way: it's a very unpleasant way to work, at least for me.

  23. It's essentially not possible to manage plugins yourself any more. It annoys me a lot too but all the bundled installers and DRM make it way too damn difficult. Just let them place themselves where they want to be and make sure Reaper knows about it.

  24. You have to spend waaaaay more on monitors before you'll be able to hear the amp at all.

  25. Yes, i do that too, but at least i put the alarm to ring in the next 30 mins

  26. You're failing to get up because you're choosing not to get up. Literally nothing in the work can help you but yourself.

  27. Someone told me to put the glass of water on top of the phone, so when it rings i'll drink right away

  28. Such a remarkably stupid idea. You're beyond hope if you think that's good advice LMAO.

  29. If nothing else works I use cunninghams law. "The best way to get the right answer on the internet is not to ask a question; it's to post the wrong answer." If its a couple of days to the event and I've had nothing through then I find a band with the same/similar name and link in the wrong website as an idea of lineup. Send through a message saying 'you only need the one lectern mic right?' or 'I've got the abba stings you've requested for the awards!' You'll get your answers in hours if not minutes!

  30. I'm beginning to think this is the only way. People don't want to tell you what they want until they see you guess and waste your time. It's infuriating.

  31. Whatever Sennheiser is currently calling their open back reference model. Used to be the HD 650. The momentum offering in that range is also great for less critical listening, but the more expensive momentums sound like the same drivers to me

  32. I paid $100 for a used 560s - what's your opinion on that model?

  33. This is legitimately the first thing I thought of when the deck was announced. I'm not sure it's actually more practical than a laptop in any way but wth! I don't have one yet sadly. It's very interesting to hear that Reaper is working so well with WINE. I've never built a linux machine but always been curious.

  34. Wait, why would you run it in WINE? There's a native Linux version that seems to work fine.

  35. I don't know, I thought that's what op said he was going but perhaps I misread. Anyway I don't have direct experience in Linux but I've been using reaper a loooong time and remember years ago there were reports of some issues.

  36. Download the newest version of the installer from the website. Run it and make sure you activate the "portable install" option box when it asks where you want to install. Put it where you want it on your new drive. Export your configuration as

  37. Shorted input. Blown filter cap. Something like that, an electronic component problem.

  38. Fun fact, Resident Evil gets its name from a line in the “proto-RE” NES game Sweet Home, which refers to the “resident evil” in the mansion.

  39. The sub has just fallen into the extremely common Internet community problem of becoming too popular. There are vast numbers of commentators who possess little to no real life experience and the real experts have mostly fled.

  40. A lot of sound engineers back in those days really liked hard panning

  41. Equipment in those days was only capable of hard panning. It was hardware limitations, It had nothing to do with engineer preference.

  42. Games might be a different case. Those can do API calls that could keep the OS awake.

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