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  1. Yeah that’s pretty bad, not on point at all. It should be showing green more than anything during this scene. Try recalibrating too. My LED lampshade bulb can cause mine to go red as well at the side nearest to the lamp.

  2. I know this is a dumb question but is there anything else I need to do after setting up the DreamView 1 Pro? Like, in the app? Do I need to enable special modes or settings for it to sync to what is on my monitor? Because I didn't do that....

  3. I think someone else recommended this but in the little section at the bottom that has relative brightness and what not in it there is a button for calibration. Click that and definitely turn the saturation way down. I find myself adjusting it depending on what I’m using my tv for but I find that 55% and lower makes for much more accurate color to what’s on the screen. Also! I found that recalibrating the app(dragging the points to the border of your screen) in a completely dark or dark as possible room helped me quite a bit. Also don’t use those foam cubes that come with the lights. Search on YouTube and you can find a black screen test with red squares in the corners and that works great. Then since you’re already on YouTube you can watch some color swatch videos to see how well you’ve dialed it in or keep them playing and tweak the settings in the app. Good luck my friend! Took me a little while to get it where I like mine but it works real well for me now.

  4. I have this exact same issue. It worked fine with Google Fiber when I had their router (which I had to remove due to slow speeds) and when I switched to just a Google Mesh network it will not work. Their support verified it would not work. Hoping there is a work around. Any ideas?

  5. the only thing that worked for me was plugging the Hue Bridge directly into one of my other Google Wi-fi pucks so take the ethernet cable the Hue Bridge came with and plug one end into the Bridge and the other ethernet port on another puck (the port to the right of the power cable under the puck , not the left port).

  6. I have provided a picture too for you. The cable on the right here is my Bridge cable.

  7. Whenever I have shitty tasting protein I Blend it with banana and natural peanut butter. I barely taste the offputting flavour that way.

  8. I would keep it, get a new flavor, then finish the old tub once you’re not so sick of the taste. Don’t waste those potential pumps.

  9. Is your phone on the same WiFi network as the nest mini?

  10. ok so I restarted my phone and now after connecting to the new Nest Mini I get “Problem connecting to the cloud. Please try again later.”

  11. yep! I am on the same network and it is the same network all my other Google devices are on (including another Nest Mini I bought last year).

  12. Use port 2 or 4 for Apple TV and download the hue sync app as well as the hue app.

  13. so with the Hue Sync app I have to go through the entire Hue Sync box setup process all over? my light is not blinking blue anymore, it only did that when i reset it to set it up for first time

  14. Yes, I had to use the hue sync app not the hue app, had to reset it too. I know, the hue sync box is more like a beta than a finished product.

  15. And you're connected to the router via ethernet or wifi right? Did you get any other screen like this site isn't safe? If so, go down to proceed anyway.

  16. Yes it works fine for me. It's a local "site" it's not going out to the internet. That's why I wanted to make sure you were connected because it sounded like it's trying to resolve a URL or something.

  17. thank you but it doesn’t work on Safari or my Brave browser either. I am so confused. I get “This site can’t be reached” on those mobile browsers too.

  18. You must order from Ghost directly to get points applied to your account

  19. I am new to the beard world but I always add beard oil right onto of my beard conditioner right after a shower and then right before I go to bed I add one more dash of oil.

  20. I think he might just be going for title of biggest NFL troll of all time 😂

  21. He deleted all Eagles related posts

  22. I hate Bunny, that dude is such a piece of trash.

  23. that’s a good point about his comment about leaving prints when he literally robbed the store in broad daylight with no mask on 😂 I know he destroyed the cameras but still

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