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  1. The amount of people that don't get the simple concept that you cannot occupy the space that I'm already in is crazy. On the highway, so many people think that it's your job to change lanes or adjust your speed so that they can merge on. No idiot, it's your job to adjust your speed to complete the merge.

  2. They already seem to have a very good deal with Verizon. US mobile has Verizon post paid priority and full access to their 5g, even mmeave.

  3. Then make a higher-priced plan where they would be able to afford truly unlimited data.

  4. I've seen dog treats that look more appetizing than those cookies.

  5. If you do rich, why does it look like your teeth are playing musical chairs?

  6. What common gas stations aren’t top tier?

  7. Big name brands often are, but lesser known brands are often not. Where I live BJ's warehouse club and Sam's club don't offer top tier neither do Raceway, Speedway, Walmart or Circle K.

  8. Thank you for posting this. I've been looking for a meat free lasagne recipe that doesn't contain aubergines or courgettes or mushrooms.

  9. You can order it from Amazon. I've seen it in many stores usually under the '"Bragg's" brand name.

  10. That lane seems to be a bit too narrow. There isn't much room for error. Most roads (not streets) don't have a hard border without a buffer. Say you had to make a slight swerve to avoid someone drifting into your lane, you are going to curb your wheel there is almost no way to avoid it. I'm all for bike lanes, but adding them where there is no space is dangerous. I know that many towns do this to make their towns look more "bikeable" The town I work in did this some time back, but only did it with painting on a bike lane and making lanes more narrow, it doesn't seem any safer.

  11. If someone drifts into your lane then the still brakes work just fine to get away from them. Honestly I still have little sympathy for someone in this situation, if your SUV is so massive that it takes up the entire lane with no room to spare then you either have to be extra skilled and attentive to drive an oversized vehicle or you just should be driving something smaller. We have too many shitty drivers out there piloting tanks they can’t handle while texting on their phones.

  12. and sometimes a combination of maneuvers are required to avoid a collision... One could argue that car owners pay special taxes to use the roadway that bicycle owners don't and that roadways shouldn't be made more difficult to drive on to accomodate bikes.

  13. Many employers just don't get it yet, do they? Having trouble covering crap shifts? Maybe make crap shifts more attracive? Pay a premium to those that wan't to work them? Also, don't lie to get people in the door! The job market is brutal right now for employers, something's gotta change.

  14. I chose US Mobile for their fantastic unlimited all plan. In less than a year wifi calling was added mmWave added and priority data added, all at no extra cost. I can't find a more premium service for the price anywhere.

  15. I've never understood this mentality. I'm always like "yeah bro you go clean out the cops for me - I'm right behind ya!"

  16. My grandmother would say "go for it, hell ain't half full yet!"

  17. OMG this is kinda tacky but I kind of friggin love it.

  18. Well done and nicely styled, pretty typical hairstyle for that texture hair in the late 80s 90s.

  19. The car of 80s women with tons of hairspray, leather jacket and cigarettes.

  20. I thought birks basically formed to the foot so it would be super uncomfortable to someone else wearing them? That’s what happened with me with my sisters anyway

  21. That's true. I have heard that leaving them in your hot car in the summer can "reset" them somewhat.

  22. I love having Verizon coverage without dealing with Verizon all while saving serious cash. After about 9 months, I couldn't be happier. Customer service has been spectacular.

  23. I live like 5 minutes from there and decided to drive through last night and I don’t know how they plan on opening by June. Also the layout is super weird and tbh it’s eerie to be building this North Hills-esque place practically across the street from Cary Towne Center (RIP)

  24. I live close by as well and the layout did seem odd. They don't even look close to the grand opening of this phase. Apparently there are some businesses open but you can't see any of them unless you park and go looking for them.

  25. hell of a lot more creative with their look than most people.

  26. Creativity has to go hand in hand with talent

  27. I'm my days of grocery retail, we really had to watch out for people like this. People would return an empty cake container saying that the cake was bad. No problem, we'd give them their money back, but we paid attention because often the same people would come over and over for double money back. Eventually the manager would cut them off from double money back only offering a one for one replacement, you'd know they were scamming by their reaction. Pure trash.

  28. As a chef I'll often pull things up that I don't make often to confirm correct ratios. No shame in wanting to do something right the first time.

  29. So in my case, I will have 2yr/30k miles left on the warranty, and that will cover the basic warranty as well as powertrain?

  30. Their "basic"warranty is what used to be called "bumper to bumper" it covers everything but wear items like brakes, tires etc. If you buy "certified" vehicles from Hyundai/Kia that'll transfer both basic and the powertrain. So you have 2 years/30k miles left of full warranty.

  31. It's been going on for about a month. Right now only the Belk store is still standing. I read somewhere that the Belk building was going to stay, but I can't confirm.

  32. I've seen her before, I couldn't watch much because she seems to hate American food in general. I'm not sure where Italian people got the idea that they are the world's athourity on food, hell if I had to name a nationality it might be the French, they created a lot of wonderful techniques and fantastic food.

  33. I moved here 26 years ago on the day of the last major hurricane. I slept through it at a hotel, downed trees and flooding were the biggest concern, nobody's house was ripped apart by wind. Tornados are pretty rare, even rarer in this area, i have never encountered one. In populated areas, snakes aren't a big problem, I've hiked wilderness trails (we have them all over) and not run into a snake, they're out there but want nothing to do with you, they aren't going to chase you. Keep your house clean and keep up with extermination and spiders and roaches will be a non-issue.

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