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  1. HUUUGE get for TRD. Kid’s going to be dangerous next year. That top 15 at Nashville last year was incredible

  2. Yup. You could use any number depending how difficult you’d like the question to be.

  3. JGR switched from Freightliner to Peterbuilt last year. Probably just leftover and used as a spare. 23XI actually has mismatch though. Bubba has a Freightliner and Kurt had a Peterbuilt.

  4. Appreciate the effort. Unfortunately it’s against the rules of the sub because it’s not NASCAR sanctioned. Even the South Carolina 400 thread got taken down at that had Dale Jr in it and was NASCAR sanctioned

  5. MTJ win at Kentucky was memorable because literally nothing happened. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Remarkable really.

  6. There’s your answer to the NASCAR Camaro successor

  7. Good. The RTA has to do something if the teams want to survive. They need a way bigger chunk of the next TV deal. Whether it be in a different series or failing to exist at all, there’s no compelling NASCAR product without the teams. Might as well go down swinging trying to get something

  8. Reed Sorenson for sure. If he doesn’t finish 34th in the 2008 LifeLock 400 there’s literally no NASCAR today

  9. If that’s not a catch I have no idea what is anymore lmao

  10. Preece. Hoping the 41 isn’t actually a bad car

  11. Bradley just dying to win something this year

  12. They're not going to try it, because the move has such a low chance of working, and it's unlikely to be tried unless needed to advance in the playoffs.

  13. It will literally work every time with a 100% success rate though? Where would the car go except around the corner faster than someone slowing down lol

  14. I don't know if your just coping hard or what, but Martinsville has a gate that extends out of the wall. You can see Chastain's car hit it and almost go sideways. Nobody else will be dumb enough to try it.

  15. It’s hard to have this opinion with an 11 flair because everyone just assumes I don’t think the hail melon is literally the coolest move of all time.

  16. With how bad Atlanta attendance is and the over saturation of pack racing now, they should take the date back from there eventually. Give it a couple years of 2 races at ATL but if it doesn’t get any better might as well switch it up

  17. Please repost this. The people need to know

  18. “We’re evaluating a track map with positions as well”

  19. The chrome extension was a life saver. This is a bummer.

  20. Seriously. Sure, hearing Freddie call a caution 40 seconds before I see it happened would make me him sound like Nostradamus, but it would sort of ruin the moment.

  21. Looks like it’s back to throwing my phone in the other room and screen recording with 10 to go so I can listen back to the audio and not spoil the end of races

  22. Enjoy these random cuts showing we have more than one camera

  23. 30 FPS and one camera angle is solid stuff

  24. I’ve done both. P7 lot is free and has shuttles to the track. Never had a problem with it. Just make sure if you get picked up you’re far enough away and ISB isn’t your escape route. It’s a parking lot post race

  25. Yeah that’s kind of what I was getting at with the “walk far enough away from the track” line in the post. I can imagine traffic is pretty awful anywhere close to the track. But I feel like it shouldn’t be that hard to take a short walk far enough to get out of the mess then get picked up.

  26. Lot 7 is at 999 Bill France Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32117. There’s a zillion school busses and they rip it down the power lines and drop you at One Daytona by the Bass Pro Shops.

  27. Percentage of the time I’m going to be using my car as a portable battery: 0.00000001%

  28. No way man they need to add a whole new fuel door for this incredibly niche feature /s

  29. Yeah there was a live thread but it got removed because the mods determined that the NASCAR sanctioned race wasn’t NASCAR sanctioned anymore after 5 hours and 12 laps to go

  30. Jr not wrecking when he reaches the Top 5 challenge (impossible)

  31. Lineup set by GPS/SMT at moment of caution. It’s 2023, we can do better than scoring loops randomly placed around the speedway.

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