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  1. so long story short last thursday, my landlord started my day off with the completely out of the blue news he's selling the house. he owns the house & lives here with the 6 of us he rents the bedrooms to (it's a big house). 6 days after telling us, the house entered the market on wednesday. the past 2 days I couldn't even kick it here because he was having showings with potential buyers. we've been told whenever this house gets sold which can be any day now we have 30 days to get out. inconsideration & absolutely terrible timing aside, is this allowed? i was talking to my friend who has a hand in real estate because he runs a contracting company with his dad & he sent me a pdf saying there's rules/laws stating the landlord should have given us 60 days notice AND is required to help cover relocation fees? is any of this true? any help would be appreciated cus I was not even 5% prepared for this

  2. If the DA continues to refuse prosecuting enhancements and going for max sentences for violent and repeat offenders this is the future.

  3. This is a mountain road, I live here, I don't think y'all downvoters actually understand that people come here to RACE their cars illegally. That's worse than any right of way BS you're getting caught up on.

  4. It’s not your job to play traffic cop for others and decide who should be allowed to go around you. You’re one of the worst kinds of drivers.

  5. I agree that you should get more comfortable with driving overall and avoid freeway driving.

  6. What am I supposed to looking at? Am I missing the joke? Sorry Im new to Los Angeles.

  7. Nicks? It’s a breakfast joint just outside Chinatown. I think it’s just a picture of the place, nothing more than that.

  8. Here’s the amazing thing: I’m a stranger to you. You don’t know me. You don’t know my values. You have no idea what I will regret and what I won’t. Personally, I think I’ll be just fine.

  9. Moderna booster isnt as bad as the second shot but I definitely have body aches and my arm hurts a lot more than the first two shots. I guess I now have a guilt free reason to stay home all day, watch TV, and get Uber eats.

  10. I like Mulholland. Gives a nice mix of city and valley views, and takes you from Burbank to the 405.

  11. I feel like I went on a bad day or something because it was just ok in my opinion. I do still need to try the Mexican place.

  12. This headline is atrocious. Firing and shooting are not synonymous. The entire article reads like it was written by a high school freshman.

  13. Point Breeze is exactly where I lived, and I guess what has tripped me up is that the energy there was palpably more tense on any given day than the block I’m on, a block south of MacArthur Park. It has felt pretty mellow. So i’ve been like… did I lose my intuition or are people just getting carried away??

  14. People definitely underestimate the general safety of most neighborhoods here.

  15. Everyone in LA will tell you that the tap water is perfectly fine to drink.

  16. Mmm, I dunno. I was in Denver this summer and while I was there got a notification saying that ecoli was found in the water supply that goes to my friends’ house, and to boil the water or drink bottled. If water is unsafe, it’s in the city’s best interest to alert residents. Can you imagine the lawsuits if the water supply was getting people sick?

  17. There’s prob not much carcinogens and toxins but there sure are left over pharmaceutical medications mixed in with the water supply. I’ve read somewhere it was like 50 something pharm chem they found before

  18. Do you have links to studies? Don’t mean to sound like a dick, I’m just pretty skeptical of claims like this when they’re not backed up with data.

  19. I went to the Grove for the first time last night and really enjoyed the atmosphere there! Can anyone recommend any similar outdoor mall/outlets similar to the Grove? Or in general public places that are great to take a stroll at night with friends :)

  20. The century city mall has a different vibe but is still outdoor shopping. Still good for a stroll and there’s a great food court.

  21. There's really a NEW variant?! Already?! Oh wow... This won't be ending anytime soon, will it? 😫

  22. Have you heard of a little known place called the Cerritos auto square?

  23. More info here would help. What is your gf into? What part of town are y’all in? Etc

  24. Keep yourself open to opportunities. I’m nearly 20 years post bachelors degree, and while I’ve spent years doing “the grind,” there’s also been plenty of years I haven’t. Went back to school for a couple of years, lived off unemployment for a while in order to write a novel, freelanced for a time. Now I’m five years at a company that pays well and treats us all fairly and I actually like my job and don’t mind the hours it takes. Didn’t need any special schooling for it, either, I just got a two month temp gig there and held on for dear life.

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